View Full Version : EasyJet emergency landing at Nice - smoke in cockpit

23rd Aug 2008, 15:05
Easyjet airliner makes emergency landing in southern France - Yahoo! News UK (http://uk.news.yahoo.com/afp/20080823/tuk-britain-france-air-incident-a7ad41d.html)

NICE (AFP) - A plane carrying 130 passengers Saturday made an emergency landing in France after the crew of the Boeing 737 owned by British no-frills airline easyJet reported smoke in the cockpit, an official said.

I hope the crew are ok and its nothing serious

23rd Aug 2008, 15:58
Apparently the captain had to be hospitalized due to intoxication. If true sounds like a very serious situation...

23rd Aug 2008, 16:05
What do you know different from the article lad, come-on, spill it.

"...a stewardess was taken to hospital for tests after suffering breathing problems, said airport spokesman Philippe Bellissent. A second cabin crew member was taken ill but did not require hospital treatment, he added."

Sky Wave
23rd Aug 2008, 19:54
Strong smell in cabin. 2 members of cabin crew felt ill and went to hospital for check up and test.

No smell in cockpit.

No smoke at all.

24th Aug 2008, 04:59
The flightdeck crew could be on 100% oxygen supplied at positive pressure but do passenger oxygen systems have this function or is it mixed with cabin air?

Sky Wave
24th Aug 2008, 09:52
The flightdeck crew could be on 100% oxygen supplied at positive pressure but do passenger oxygen systems have this function or is it mixed with cabin air?

If your question is in relation to this flight then it's completely irrelevant, there was no smoke, no fumes in the flight deck and the crew were not on oxygen.

If it's a general question then you should really ask it in tech log, however you are correct, the passenger oxygen supply is mixed with air from the cabin, it is only designed to help with breathing in the event of a decompression and it has absolutely no value if there is smoke in the cabin, which I stress there wasn't in this case.

24th Aug 2008, 10:02

Was the pilots and crew hospitalised and if so were the passenger's informed?

And you are quite right passenger's do not recieve the benefit of clean fresh air even in the event of oxygen masks being used??

24th Aug 2008, 11:19
cabin crew also have smokehoods which they can deem necessary / be briefed to use should they fear ambiant air being intoxicating.

24th Aug 2008, 16:16
Capt and F/O are both fine, they did not smell anything, nor see any smoke. It was only the CC who informed them about that.

The CC were taken to hospital just to have a check, they are both fine.

There was no smoke onboard, all pax fine.

My thought is some kind of gas (produced of leaked from cargo) that came into the cabin.

Normal landing in NCE. Very well handled- all the crew!!

Happy days

Bird On
25th Aug 2008, 15:36
So a whole plane load of people and apparently its only 2 cabin crew who get taken to hospital for a check up. One would have thought everyone on board would have been exposed to these mysterious gases and should have been treated the same as the CC.

25th Aug 2008, 16:56
Just speculating, but either the whatever it was leaked into the galley area or the CC were just heavier affected for the simple reason of running around doing service and not relaxing in their seats as the average PAX. Just a guess.

26th Aug 2008, 10:59
What happened to the story? Seems to have vanished, and on clicking the link, I get an article about a Ryanair incident.

If any passengers or crew are suffering symptoms following the incident, they can log them at Toxic Free Airlines (http://www.toxicfreeairlines.com/)

26th Aug 2008, 11:11
Bird On, you are looking at this from the wrong perspective. I would say the cabin crew didn't go to hospital for treatment so much as for investigation. If you like they were offered up as guinea pigs for blood tests that the passengers wouldn't have liked!

The cabin crew were the only people on board reporting symptoms. Had any passengers reported symptoms, they also would have been offered any medical assistance appropriate.