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22nd Aug 2008, 16:01
It's the time of year again when the operational ATCOs & ATSAs at Swanwick undergo their TRUCE training. Once again we are inviting pilots to attend and participate and pass on your knowledge and experience to us.
All TRUCE sessions will be between October and February and are during the afternoons with 1400 starts. There will be the opportunity to visit the main ops room and hopefully sit in on the live sectors. There will be a mileage allowance payable and a dinner at the lakeside restaurant.
This year, due to security, we are having to restrict visits to those who fly for commercial operations.
For further details contact
[email protected]
Mr Moderator could you make this a bit sticky please.

23rd Aug 2008, 14:49
If there are any pilots who have been on previous years who would like to put a few words of encouragement on here feel free. Having a pilot attend is invaluable.

23rd Aug 2008, 16:13
I went last time that was on. Really enjoyed it. The controllers ask questions after each scenario about what would be happening on the flight deck and what does it mean if the pilot says.... Very interesting and impressive to see how they cope with the various emergencies. An afternoon well spent and much enjoyed. Also a unique chance to see where they work and sit in on a sector as it happens.

23rd Aug 2008, 17:49
You get a free Starbucks. Need I say more?

Extremely worthwhile day, very interesting and lots of questions answered by both pilots and ATC. Will be going again this year.

23rd Aug 2008, 21:56
thank you for that concise and informative post, it was very helpful.

Now i know i'm not posted at swanwick so will not speak for them but would imagine that they would like pilots there , who WANT to be there , either because they are curious about what we do, or they have had questions that have been niggling at them for a long time, or just enjoy imparting their experiences and knowledge to like minded professionals NOT because they are doing it to make a profit and are not the least bit interested. however , it is VOLUNTARY! . If you dont wish to go, dont , but please dont post negative comments on what is a very worthwhile cause
Thanks very much for your cooperation

Lord Fulmer
23rd Aug 2008, 22:16
I went a couple of years ago when it was still held at LATCC, and had a great day.

Very interesting to see that other side of things, and they are genuinely interested to have real pilots attend, as there are a few gaps in their knowledge and training regarding the handling of emergencies and non-normals and what would make our lives easier when having a bad day!

Go, it is a very interesting and informative day out!

23rd Aug 2008, 22:41
FG, in Terminal Control at Swanwick TRUCE is ROSTERED on one of our REST days...

I assume it's the same for my area control chums. I'd just like to add my voice to those saying that we get much more value out of it whenever joined by our flight deck colleagues.

23rd Aug 2008, 23:37
I have already contributed, but wish to add that is nice to be able to give something back to the people who do so much for us every time we fly. If ATC ever have to pay pilots to come and talk to them it will be a sad day for us all.

23rd Aug 2008, 23:39
Flying Grasshopper,
A simple request from our ATC colleagues, and you manage to turn it into a....."well i'm working too hard, and need to be paid a suitable amount before i'd even consider coming along"!!! type conversation:yuk:
Yes, we're all working harder, and if we are, then it doesn't take a bloody genius to work out that Swanwick et al are working harder too.
If you don't want to do it, then don't! There will be enough pilots out there who are willing to give up a bit of free time to learn some good stuff, and hopefully give some useful input too!
I'll bet there are an equal number of ATCO's who'd come and sit on a jumpseat on a day off, if it would give them a better insight into our side of the job.
It works both ways, we learn from each other.

23rd Aug 2008, 23:40
FG, we don't give up a rest day as such. TRUCE counts as one of three extra days, in addition to our normal rostered duties, that we owe the company each year.

24th Aug 2008, 00:46
i do realise how hard pilots work , and i am disappointed, and annoyed that you would think otherwise :=
my point here was that this thread was designed for those who DO wish to attend. If you don't, fine!. just dont post anything here . it is not helpful and is just antagonistic.

i shall now withdraw myself from further posts to allow the thread to return to its original meaning

24th Aug 2008, 01:05
Well I am going to look at my roster and if I have days off during the period that allows me time to go down I will be there. I don't give a stuff that it is on my days off, things like this enhance the working of the two bodies by such a huge amount, it is worth making the effort and getting off your well paid arse to do it.

And I am coming from Oop North so will need to stay over as well !

I have had a brief visit to Swanwick courtesy of a fellow Ppruner and found it good value.

I have done many fam flights with MAN and LBA controllers over the years so it is a two way street - most of the controllers I have flown were on days off as well.

We all work hard, we also need to enhance the co-operation between ATC and Pilots as it is the only way that progress and safety is enhanced.

Interesting name they have chosen for the programme - TRUCE - perhaps it hints at what we all need to work towards :ok:

Hotel Mode
24th Aug 2008, 08:07
I'm very happy to attend. Not done one at Swanwick but enjoyed one with TC at W Drayton (and the pub afterwards thank you!). Personally, as an employee of the largest UK airline I think we should get rostered one every 5 years or so its certainly more educational that the corporate safety days we do now.

24th Aug 2008, 09:55
Dear Flying Grasshopper

Having digested, considered and evaluated your posts I can only come to the conclusion that you would prefer that the NATS and flying community were not to meet, discuss or share feedback and thus flying would become a less safe activity?

And why should my airline pay for me or my colleagues to attend such a day? If anything I see it as a chance for me to get something personally from the visit. From my perspective, I gain.

I think NATS should be applauded for organising such activities and it is a pity that more authorities elsewhere in Europe don't have similar activities. I shall definitely consider attending.

I have final question for you sir. Does you company pay you to clean your sunglasses? Probably not but I bet you do.


Black Knat
24th Aug 2008, 10:55
Flying Grasshoper-

When I started in this industry I did so 'cos I liked flying and the whole aviation thing. I didn't join it for mercenary reasons or to wear dark glasses.

Unfortunately there are some in this industry (and life) who seem to be only interested in what they can get out of it. It's rather sad.

The ATC guys and girls in the UK do a superb job-you can rely on an outstanding service and help when the 'sh#t hits the fan'. I for one will try to get down to Swanwick.


24th Aug 2008, 11:20
Remember that it's probably not just at the centre, you could always ask ATC at your local airfield if you can sit in on TRUCE sessions if they have a simulator. My airfield encourages local Airline Pilot's and GA flyers to attend and quite often they even get a chance to try controlling on the simulator.

It's a shame this isnt ecouraged more.

24th Aug 2008, 11:33
Flying Grasshopper

Perhaps that alcohol is pickling your brain, I am not saying that at all, suggest you read my posts again, inwardly digest and engage grey matter before posting a reply.

Suggest you read the recent posts, from people who've inwardly digested, engaged their grey matter and posted a reply.

veloo maniam
25th Aug 2008, 05:06
Hello Ctlers..what does TRUCE stand for?
thnxs for replying:ok:

25th Aug 2008, 07:51
TRaining in Unusual Circumstances and Emergencies.

25th Aug 2008, 10:12
What an excellent concept.

During my 30 years in both Civ and Mil ATC, "seeing the other side" was always a highlight [whether the customers visited us, or vice versa]. It's all to easy for either side to sit in their professional "bubbles", to the detriment of the overall operation.

25th Aug 2008, 10:23
Just to add my 2p..... This is an extremely worthwhile activity for ALL concerned.

It enables both groups to "see the other side of the fence". Indeed apart from the immediate knowledge gains at the time, most participants go on to spread that knowledge through both the pilot and ATC community. A Good Thing :ok:

So, please come on down to the Costa del Swanwick, you will learn something to your advantage and you might even enjoy yourself!

Rgds BEX

Loop... Hole
27th Aug 2008, 01:00
I'm another who will vouch for this worthwhile visit to Swanwick. Attended last year and look forward to putting my name down again this season. These are our everyday colleagues yet our respective environments are completely different. It is valuable to be able to bring our perspective to their emergency training - in the long run it's for our own good too.

And further to a previous poster, also think that a few more ATCOs on jump seats would improve mutual understanding.

Francis Frogbound
28th Aug 2008, 22:46
The present Mrs Frogbound is a controller. I'll be going, it may give me some idea of what she's jabbering on about when she gets home.:E


29th Aug 2008, 16:43
We used to get jumpseat rides in the past through NATS- no longer these post 9/11 days of course...