View Full Version : DHL Bahrain maintenance coverup

20th Aug 2008, 17:27
I heard the other day DHL maintanence on the 727 damaged one of the out board flaps by accidentally lowering the flaps while there was a ladder under the wing.. the only problem was nothing was ever recorded or the flight crew advised.. all that was done was the small hole in the wing was covered up with high speed tape.. nothing was noticed by the flight engineer on walk around. when the flight landed in Riyad, that's when the flight engineer noticed one of the out board flaps would not retract, and one of the wing panels was bent.. Sounds hard to believe, but it's true.. And what's worse is nothing is being done about it.:=

21st Aug 2008, 10:34
I find this very hard to believe, there are just too many people involved for it to be covered up.

However, if there is any truth in the rumour then those individuals involved are guilty of a CRIMINAL offence and should be charged appropriately.

avionic type
21st Aug 2008, 12:07
We were told in no uncertain terms on joining the aviation industry when I was an apprentice in the middle 1940s that all mistakes were to be reported no matter how trivial and though you were given a good "Bollocking " which in those days was that [they didn't mince words ]that was the end of the matter .but cover it up it was instant dismissal it was impressed on us though the sea is very unforgiving Aviation was triple that you had lives of hundreds of people in your hands , and that stayed with me for the next 48 years

22nd Aug 2008, 05:53
Sad to see operational integrity at BAH AVI having lost credibility. Worked there throughout the 90's in maintenance and never had to bow to pressure to "cover up", as flight crew and maintenance were close and trusted each other; a fact management recognized and didn't push too hard to usurp. Seems the current style is somewhat different.