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21st Feb 2002, 13:01
From today's Private Eye, "Funny Old World"


"What happened to this passenger was a freak accident," a spokesman for Scandinavian Airways told reporters in Oslo, "and we are still investigating the details. However, it seems that during a flight to New York on one of our Boeing 767s, she went to the lavatory, and pushed the flush button before getting up from the toilet seat.. ."These lavatories have a high-presssure vacuum flush mechanism, and it appears to have sealed her lower body to the toilet seat, leaving no room for air to get into the bowl. She could not get up by herself, and had to remain seated there, shouting, for several hours, until the flight had landed. Once on the ground, she was carried off the aircraft, still attached to the seat. But once we'd got her into the hangar, airport technicians were able to release the valve, enabling her to get loose. The passenger has filed a complaint with our airline, and has requested anonymity, so our lawyers have instructed us not to reveal any details at this time.". .(VerdensGang [Norway], 21/102. Spotter: Neil Goodwin)


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21st Feb 2002, 13:05
Wow! This is not only a month old but it has proven to be totally made up.

Good one!

21st Feb 2002, 13:06
It appears that Private Eye and you have fallen for a Urban Legend dear boy.

21st Feb 2002, 13:07
This story was actually denied by SAS about two weeks ago. They put it down as one of those rumours that nobody quite knows where it came from!.. <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">