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24th Nov 2001, 15:59
Did you all see the headlines on yesterdays Daily Express, where they "infiltrated" Virtual Aviation to get access to a flight simulator then drew a parallel between that and the training used by the hijackers who flew into the World Trade Centre? What a pile of nonsense! Talk about grabbing headlines with a story so full of sensationalism but lacking in truth. Anyone who has done a structured type rating course ( and I assume that is most of us!) knows that it consists of about 12 sessions of 4 hours witha syllabus and ending in an LPC. This is run by a TRE/TRI to two students who are themselves qualified pilots and work for the same airline and the whole lot ois approved by the CAA or similar.Compare this to Virtual Aviation, who buys simulator time for people off the street who wish to fly a simulator for fun (and judging by their success, many do)doing what amounts to a joyride in a simulator, with no previous experience needed! The Daily Express shafted this company badly yesterday big time to grab the headlines with a big title "Exposed" that covered half the front page and said absolutely nothing.What a pile of [email protected]. :mad:

763 jock
24th Nov 2001, 16:12
Yep, I saw this sh!te. Shall we ban all flying training as well? While we are at it, let's outlaw all PC flight sim games!!! You can buy a "boxed" flight sim experience or flying lesson on any high street. These journos won't be happy until they have scared the public off flying for ever and left our industry in ruins.

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:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

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24th Nov 2001, 16:13
And radio controlled flying too.

The Guvnor
24th Nov 2001, 16:30

Terrorist organisations such as the Real IRA, ETA and Red Army Faction have been using car bombs for many years - BUT THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOTHING TO STOP ANYONE FROM LEARNING TO DRIVE!

To test out the security systems in place with driving instructors, our intrepid undercover journalists disguised themselves as Irishmen and contacted BMS.

- demand photographic ID and a police clearance certificate!
- carry out the Special Branch checks obviously needed to counteract terrorists learning to drive!
- didn't report our 'Irishman' for only wanting to learn to drive in a white van!
- didn't do a detailed psychometric test to evaluate the mental stability of our journalist! [luckily for him; he'd have failed - ed]



24th Nov 2001, 16:59
The pisspoor Daily Express does it again! Another "World Exclusive" about journo' Yvonne Ridley's adventures with the Taliban ran front page hype: "Freed from Taliban hell; I lay terrified in my bed inside filthy rat infested prison cell; I went on hunger strike and fought with vicious guards; I risked death to keep secret diary for Express readers."
On the inside page readers had to search in vain for the fights with vicious guards... there were none, Ridley wrote: "I was never physically hurt in anyway." Nor was there any mention in her copy of being in a rat infested cell. "The Taliban had cleaned the cell and made it hygenic," she said.

Keep up the standards.

24th Nov 2001, 18:58
Yep, and just to make our already nervous passengers feel a bit better bmi were handing this [email protected] out on my flights yesterday! :mad:

26th Nov 2001, 09:12
Begs the question is it good news or bad news if your accountant used to work for BCCI ?

The Guvnor
26th Nov 2001, 13:26
Good news if you're trying to avoid VAT etc ... bad if he's the guy writing the cheques! :D :D :D

26th Nov 2001, 15:50
While they're at it, why not shutdown the Post Office? After all, they sell stamps capable of delivering lethal quantities of anthrax to anywhere in the world! You don't even have to show your passport or any form of id - just give them 28 pence and you're in business.

27th Nov 2001, 02:55
Why do people buy "news"papers???? Am proud to say I havent bought one for a number of years, they are not even good for wiping your bum because the print comes off.