View Full Version : Easy emergency, injured cabin crew

1st Aug 2008, 00:46
Going south over France towards AMB this afternoon. Heard Easy declare an emergency due injured cabin crew who had several teeth knocked out during severe turb. Diverted to Paris.

Sounds very sore indeed. All ok?:uhoh:

1st Aug 2008, 00:58
Nasty, my condolences to the cc

1st Aug 2008, 15:39
The ultimate 'Air Rage'. The ozone layer fights back.

1st Aug 2008, 15:53
I was on a flight once where the relief pilot was chatting to us in the galley when we suddenly hit some unexpected turbulence, the poor guy bit right through his tongue, cant decide which is worse!!!!!

1st Aug 2008, 15:57
Biting through a nipple :eek:

1st Aug 2008, 16:02
I can think of soemthing worse tham that:uhoh:

1st Aug 2008, 16:52
I can think of something worse tham that.

Me too, but what's the likelihood of that happening at FL360 in turbulence?

1st Aug 2008, 17:15
This is R&Ns not Jet Blast, save yr sillies for JetBlast, just do it!

Double Zero
1st Aug 2008, 17:25
See...if you lot flew fighters, there'd be no danger of such injuries - I wonder if that's the real reason why modern jet trainers are generally tandem rather than side by side seating ( sod the 'learning in a separate cockpit !' ) - avoids any temptation for those inclined to try & score extra points from the instructor !

There was that famous accident report years ago about a couple who managed semi-CFIT in a light aircraft, while 'otherwise engaged', which is posted on most hangar walls world-wide.

What most people cringe about is the idea of her jaws clamping shut on fright / impact...

See you on Jetblast...

lord mash
1st Aug 2008, 19:24
Hope they pay the crew member concerned while off sick and recovering it is shocking how many airlines exclude or limit full sick pay for cabin crew and having teeth fixed or replaced aint cheap. We need better terms and conditions across the industry, keep fighting!

1st Aug 2008, 19:31
I managed to break my nose a few years back during turbulance, went flying across the back galley, and came face to face with the toilet door! 20 mins into a 9hr flight! one operation later, and nose is as good as new! Hope the easy crew member is ok X

Lazy skip
1st Aug 2008, 20:00
Are you sure that was Easy,
I`m pretty sure that was FR, however the CC is fine and with the 2 lost teeth back in place.

1st Aug 2008, 22:39
I stand corrected. It was FR. Glad to hear all ok. The pain must have been awful.

Best wishes for a full recovery to cc concerned.


1st Aug 2008, 23:26
sounds nasty feel for this person, I hope his/her employer does not charge them for the divert! wouldnt surprise me!

I also hope sick pay is paid while the poor soul is fixed up, but I fear we will need a whip round for the individual concerned!:confused: