View Full Version : DL PUJ-ATL July 29 - SAV Diversion - Great Job

30th Jul 2008, 22:35
Kudos to the DL crew (hope somebody is reading) yesterday for making the best of a bad situation and eventually getting everybody to ATL safely and as quickly as possible. As a frequent SLFer, I found the communication from the crew to be top-notch and key to making a bad situation more comfortable. All the pax in back appreciated the FO's informative speech. Thank you, too, for walking through the cabin to answer questions. All round, a great job.:ok:

31st Jul 2008, 01:08
It's always good to hear that our industry colleagues have managed a situation well. Can you give us some details as to the reason for the divert?

1st Aug 2008, 16:36
Weather at ATL and not enough gas to keep circling over GA.