View Full Version : CX pilots should strike till salary matches UAL/AA

compression ratio
4th Jul 2001, 20:02
Glad to see the CX guys taking a stance against pay cuts and rostering.

Keep going boys till you match the salaries of your american counterparts.

5th Jul 2001, 03:13
......and give all your business to SIA (and others) :rolleyes:

5th Jul 2001, 06:39
Thanks for your support S.O.G.

Martin VanNostrum
5th Jul 2001, 15:03
411A.......You just can't keep your vitriol to yourself; can you.

5th Jul 2001, 15:42
You know, I cannot understand what 411-A does with all his time. You sit here at you computer all day writing messages on PPrune that you know are just trying to provoke a reaction.

I think you are just a pathetic attention seaker that has the mental age of 4.5.

I bet you are employed by CX just to sit and reply on PPrune and spy on CX pilots. Oh well, you're aboutto be made redundant as not many CX pilots post here anymore!

5th Jul 2001, 18:46
Shame they have all (well almost all) left to their own site, where they will believe their own collective BS. In doing so they miss the constructive dialogue.

Kaptin M
5th Jul 2001, 19:36
411A...remember the final equation?

Airline-management=ongoing operations.

Airline-pilots=immediate grounding of company's fleet.

Passenger Revenue - (Company aircraft+Company pilots)=PROFIT for shareholders.

Passenger Revenue - (Leased Aircraft+Leased crew+Leased crews' company profits+Maintenance of Cathay aircraft)= LOSS for shareholders.

The longer this equation remains unsolved=the more it will cost the shareholders!