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4th Jul 2001, 15:57
Expect to see a bloodbath in Dublin shortly as BC and MOL lock horns oner the kilted ones!.GO today announced new services from DUB/ edinburgh (four times weekday) and Glasgow intnl (three times weekday) According to Barbara " now you dont' have to choose between paying high fares and a tortuous travel experience". Dont' you just love it . great news for pax . Good luck to all

4th Jul 2001, 16:40
From Go's Web site;

Scotland's largest low-cost airline - 4 July 2001

Go is now the largest low-cost airline in Scotland with the launch today of new services between Dublin and Glasgow and Dublin and Edinburgh.

That means we'll have 31 flights a day from Scotland to Belfast, Bristol, Dublin and London Stansted - 17 daily departures out of Edinburgh and 14 daily departures out of Glasgow.

From 19 September, Go will fly from Dublin four times a day, Monday to Friday, to Edinburgh and three times a day to Glasgow International.

Barbara Cassani, chief executive of Go, is in Dublin today to launch the new services. She says, "This is fantastic news for all those travelling between Dublin and Scotland - whether you're on a business day trip, catching up with friends and relatives or simply going for a weekend away.

"Now you don't have to choose between paying high fares or a tortuous travel experience. It's about time Irish travellers had the opportunity to combine low fares and high quality - Go's here to provide it."

Book now with flights available from 19 September. Fares start from just 35/IEP 45 return.

4th Jul 2001, 23:12
"Gutsy move" - hope it goes OK but can't help wondering why take on other operators on established routes? it could all end in tears quite easily.

Are they GOing to use their own planes or keep on sub chartering some-one else?

EI - E I - O
5th Jul 2001, 04:06
The Irish branch of the Airline will be called " Ahh, GO-WAN, GWAN, GWAN"

5th Jul 2001, 04:26
I just priced a flight to Glasgow for 55 return. Ryanair were looking for 114 for the same flight. Good stuff GO!

5th Jul 2001, 05:07
Hi Guys,

Anybody know if the aircraft will be DUB or GLA / EDI based ???



5th Jul 2001, 13:25
A/c will be GLA/EDI based..


I've Got Bad Attitude!

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6th Jul 2001, 01:34
I wish you all success GO.

Despite all the retoric about it the truth is they are not *really* running head to head with Ryanair on this one.

They are competing directly with Aer Lingus at a time when EI is in no real shape to respond.

Rather than Prestwick GO are flying into GLA and EDI and for that short a flight I know I for one will be taking the cheapest option (no prizes for guessing who thats likely to be).

I reckon they'll do well with this and hope they go on to open other routes out of Dublin along with Easyjet and Buzz. Unless you want to go through STN with the Ryans there's a real lack of routes available for 'lower' fares out of Ireland.

I'd especially like to see some routes to Spain, Barcelona or preferably Gerona.