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20th Feb 2002, 01:39

easyJet introduces world's first 0 fare between Northern Ireland and Scotland

Tens of thousands of easyJet passengers flying between Northern Ireland and Scotland will travel for free for the remainder of 2002.

easyJet has introduced a 0 price as the standard lead-in fare for the majority of flights between Belfast International, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

This is the first time ever that a 0 lead-in fare been offered by an airline outside a promotion and is currently the world's lowest standard air fare. Passengers who grab the free seats between Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow will pay just 6.60 single in tax and insurance. There are no 'book by', minimum or maximum stay conditions, just the usual easyJet advice to book early for the lowest fares.

The move aims to reinforce the airline's position as the cheapest way to travel between Northern Ireland and Scotland. For business trips, the new easyJet lead-in fare is 20 times lower than its British Airways equivalent between Belfast and Scotland. Leisure traveller lead-in fares are 7 times lower than BA's.


20th Feb 2002, 02:10
Is this another advert?

20th Feb 2002, 04:04
[quote]the new easyJet lead-in fare is 20 times lower than its British Airways equivalent between Belfast and Scotland<hr></blockquote>. .Hmm, 0 x 20 = 0 ..... <img src="confused.gif" border="0">

brain fade
20th Feb 2002, 04:20
I suppose the next logical step on this strange road will be that Go or Ryanair will be paying you a fiver for the privelidge of being allowed to carry you <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0"> . .Come to think of it (bearing mind UK airport tax) Easy doing free tickets amounts to the same thing <img src="eek.gif" border="0"> . .Where will it ever end? <img src="confused.gif" border="0"> <img src="confused.gif" border="0"> . .In tears probably <img src="cool.gif" border="0"> <img src="cool.gif" border="0">

i havn't changed it but am truly sorry to have spelled 'privilege' as above!

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20th Feb 2002, 11:33
When BA announced lower fares to come Easy said they would watch to ensure that they did not price below cost as this constituted preditory pricing which is illegal. How then is 0 not preditory?

20th Feb 2002, 12:05
This makes it difficult for others I agree. I wonder if -0 (minus zero rather than plus zero)is lower? Mmmmmm....

Brainfade there's no point in feeling guilty about spelling when there are people like Deadleg about.

Simon W
20th Feb 2002, 13:09
Am I missing something here? Easyjet will make absolutely 0 money on this? They don't get ANY of the tax paid? I've heard of loss leaders but this is ridiculous! I know airlines like to have 'bums-on-seats' but to give the seats away seems a bit mad.

Someone care to explain?


20th Feb 2002, 13:53
C'mon Ryanair! Take up the challenge! I want to go from LGW to DUB next month and I don't want to pay anymore than I have to!! :)

glider insider
20th Feb 2002, 13:58
Simon.. the easyjet fare does not include tax, so you will have to pay approx 6 - 60 GBP...

20th Feb 2002, 14:32
I have to agree with the Preditory Pricing sentiment. Haven't Lufthansa just had to raise some of it's fares in its spat with Ryanair becasue the special fares were below cost, therefore subsidised and preditory?

A free seat has to be at a loss unless you can somehow apportion your FOC's and DOC's over less seats than you have, thereby freeing up capacity that in your books, costs you nothing to operate.

On a simpler note and with all the no-frills operators, how can seats sold at either cost or a loss generate enough profits to pay for new aircraft?

Its a mystery

Simon W
20th Feb 2002, 14:33
glider insider,

My post was badly worded. What I meant was that Easyjet haven't found some loophole where they can get some of the tax that the passenger has paid? It just seems like a crazy offer, there has to be something in it for them??



20th Feb 2002, 15:07
Remember the Falklands,

Pinned down in a gully (Goose Green) the Paras expended huge ammounts of ammunition in a display of firepower; even though outnumbered and not supplied.. .Logic dictated that this was not good tactics.. .Intimidation and a pair of bol**cks will always win.

Another view WRT our cabbage head friends was the seven hours of the 105 light gun's finest before the assult on Mt. Longdon or was it Two Sisters.

In any case courage, determination and not doing the obvious did the trick.

REMFs need not reply.. .LWT

Lima Tambo
20th Feb 2002, 15:19
I guess accuracy doesn't matter then!

. . :) :) :)

brain fade
20th Feb 2002, 16:13
Lord Wankle. Some people may not know about REMF's! not ex TWA r u?