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Thousand Island
13th Jul 2008, 20:00
I heard the following which happened last week in Dublin from two very reliable source who are not connected and I hope this is so far off the wall that I am proven very incorrect:
One source over heard it on a radio scanner in Dublin, the other source was involved in the search so the following is all third hand information.

A disagreement took place in the cockpit between the Pilot and Co-Pilot.
Not sure wether they were at the gate or taxing at this point.
The disagreement gathered into a physical fight that resulted in both pilots being removed from the cockpit and being arrested. I still don't know how they were removed from the aircraft.
The pilots were one Irish National and one Indian National.
Both there houses were subsequently searched by the Garda.


14th Jul 2008, 12:00
ROFL, Why would they need to search their houses :)

14th Jul 2008, 13:03
Both THEIR houses were subsequently searched by the Garda

. . . . . and what, if anything, was found ?

Che Guevara
14th Jul 2008, 18:47
Anyone know which airline?

The Real Slim Shady
14th Jul 2008, 18:53
Aer India???????

14th Jul 2008, 20:18
why was mine and the first origional posters comments removed? does this forum not allow abit of comedy anymore?.....

Duck Rogers
14th Jul 2008, 20:44
To be frank I'm tempted to close the thread as it seems to have no substance. Dragging it off topic doesn't help its cause.

Let's be honest. Unless a few facts turn up soon it's non-starter.

14th Jul 2008, 21:29
Yet another terrific hot rumour, fascinating storyline, entertaining saga etc., such a shame it totally lacks any truth! People take the 'rumour' part as an excuse to disseminate nonsense. It's happening all the time here. Why not exterminate it? This sort of thing does the bulletin board no credit whatsoever.

Duck Rogers
14th Jul 2008, 21:34
Thread re-opened at the request of the OP and on the understanding that it has legs.

We're all ears. Eyes dammit! Eyes. :suspect: