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28th Aug 2001, 15:10
23 August 2001
Rolls-Royce plc announced today interim results for the half-year ended 30 June 2001.

Highlights are:

Profit and cash on course
Sales up 15 per cent, at 3,042 million
Underlying profit before tax on target at 190 million
Average net debt reduced by 25 per cent to 940 million
Order book and service revenues increased
Record order book of 14.9 billion
Service revenues up 20 per cent, representing 40 per cent of total revenue
Acquisitions – integration completed; businesses progressing well
Improved operational performance – underlying trading margin up 15 per cent
Sir Ralph Robins, Chairman, said:

"These results demonstrate the importance of the strategic changes made by management over recent years. We have secured significant market success with our growing range of products and innovative through-life services, and all of our businesses have good prospects.

"Our order book has increased again to a record level of 14.9 billion.

Dan Dare
28th Aug 2001, 18:33
Rah! Rah! Rolls-Royce!

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Thanks RVR