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Max Continuous
24th Nov 2001, 05:13
In view of the increasing number of pilot deaths reported in Rumours & News recently (3 on the front page alone at present), might this not be an opportune time to start a dedicated "Obituaries" forum where friends and colleagues can eulogise quietly away from public glare?

Death is very sad, comes to us all in the end and deserves a space on its own for reflections and respects. As I get older I find newspaper obituaries strangely more fascinating - this way we could go straight to the forum and check out who's "conked out".

Whiskey Zulu
24th Nov 2001, 11:39
Do you chase ambulances as well? ;)

Alberts Growbag
24th Nov 2001, 13:13
I fully agree with you Max. Rumours and News will soon be overtaken by endless lists of lost comrades.

In one case I note that carefull moderation by the company is also denying anyone with a contradictory opinion of the deceased to state their case.

In life you make enemies as well as friends, don't go public if your afraid of the truth.

The Guvnor
24th Nov 2001, 14:26
Yep, I noticed that as well Alberts Growbag - what did they do, delete the thread and restart it again?

Rather interesting, really, because I tend to get rather bored of all the eulogising when someone kicks it - the "he was a right b'st@rd" comments are by far and away the most interesting ones and tend to add a third dimension to the "brilliant bloke will be sorely missed" template jobs.

If someone feels the need to add a tribute to such a thread, can they at least put in some interesting story about the person? That way, those of us that didn't know him/her will get an idea of what we missed.

Just a thought!

PPRuNe Towers
24th Nov 2001, 17:35
SOP is to give such posts 48 hours or so in R+N and then move them over to Aircrew Notices.

24th Nov 2001, 18:34
My friends - please pass all the fine words on to the family sitting back with the great loss. Not only for this colleague who's just passed away - but for all of those who will in the future also..

Not by posting in this forum, but delivered directly to the family..

They are the ones who need the considerate fine words and thoughts about their late loved one - and I really don't think they are sitting at home surfing PPRuNe to get comfort from all of us..

The need direct contact from real friends and real letters..which I of course suppose they do receive..

Just a reflection about this serious topic..

Take care - all..!