View Full Version : China Airlines Overshoot at LAX??

28th Aug 2001, 14:29
Heard a rumour that CAL nearly lost a B747-400 during a recent missed approach at LAX, in very similar circumstances to the accident they had at TPE a few years ago. According to the story I heard, the autothrottle failed to engage when the TOGA switches were pressed. The crew failed to advance the thrust levers manually and the speed decayed rapidly as the aircraft pitched up (I assume the autopilot was engaged and the a/c automatically followed the F/D TOGA command). The aircraft was about to fall out of the sky when a deadheading pilot on the jump seat reached forward and slammed the thrust levers forward. Apparently it all looked very interesting to observers on the ground.

Can anyone confirm??

30th Aug 2001, 03:55

30th Aug 2001, 09:39
That's about it, the only change is that it happened in SFO during a VISUAL approach! The F/O was pic with an IP (both locals). The miss app. was initiated manually, when the A/P was engaged the airplane was more than 30 degrees NU and less than 130kts going down below 110kts, when the DH's (foreign) wonder arm came in and stabilized the airplane.
If anybody knows how to make this guys understand how to make a visual app., feel free to send it to the company.