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30th Jun 2008, 07:31
Breaking news on bbc....

'Plane crash' near Sudan airport


Eyewitnesses say a cargo plane has crashed near Khartoum airport in Sudan. Initial reports said there was a big explosion in a residential area.
The BBC's Amber Henshaw in Khartoum says five people are thought to have been on board the aircraft but it is not clear whether they survived.
Sudan has a poor reputation for air safety, especially on domestic flights.
About 30 people died early this month when a plane burst into flames after landing at Khartoum airport this month.
Eyewitnesses say the cargo plane took off just before 0700 local time (0400 GMT), but then experienced a problem with one of its wings and crashed at the end of the runway. "Parts of the plane are lying everywhere. There are huge patches of dark engine oil," one witness told Reuters news agency after Monday's reported crash. Another witness described hearing a large explosion at the time.

Tofu Racing
30th Jun 2008, 07:49
Il-76 - confirmed by friend of mine who is in KRT, no survivors, very sad.

Long black month in KRT (third crash), condolences to families.

30th Jun 2008, 07:59
Sad news.
it is a very bad month for aviation in sudan. it makes you wonder how long is this gonna carry on for !!!!!!!!


30th Jun 2008, 09:44
Quote from BBC eyewitness:

"It had a good run down the runway and it got airborne", one witness said.

"Then it started a left-hand turn and it looked like his wing stalled so the air was going over the wing not under it. There was an explosion and a huge plume of smoke."

What naughty air!

30th Jun 2008, 12:29
and the story continues
for god's sake somebody from somewhere in that world do anything to stop the Shit going out there

WTF IS THAT :\:mad:

First photo here : Sudan | Africa - Reuters.com (http://africa.reuters.com/country/SD/news/usnL3085892.html)

1st Jul 2008, 05:43
Sudan has now banned commercial Ilyushin and Antonov aircraft from the country. Exception for military types, of course.

1st Jul 2008, 06:10

1st Jul 2008, 11:10
You mentioned that you'd like to see the load sheets. For what it's worth, I was waiting to board a local flight at Sharjah some years ago when the crew of a Russian cargo flight passed through Departures on their way out to the aircraft. Each of them was pushing/pulling 2 baggage trolleys piled high with vehicle batteries and tyres. There were also many other cartons and boxes that I couldn't identify but they looked heavy. It crossed my mind at the time that that none of that stuff would probably be recorded on the aircraft W&B sheet. I've never been to Khartoum so I don't know whether it is a shopping spot for flight crews but if it is and what I witnessed at Sharjah is anything to go by then, perhaps, the aircraft was overloaded. To ban all Ilyushin and Antonov aircraft seems a little extreme.

charter man
3rd Jul 2008, 09:27
A couple of hundred kilos of "crew baggage" ain't going to make the slightest difference on a large freighter. It is the extra 5-10 tons of cargo that will kill you every time when there is a problem....

3rd Jul 2008, 10:14
Perhaps, but it may be indicative of an underlying lax attitude to W&B...

Walker Texas Ranger
3rd Jul 2008, 12:35
Almost everyday I feel as if Im going to see some Russian cargo plane crash here in Africa. Especially when Im in Congo or Tchad with the IL76 or the AN12. The entire runway goes by before they barely go airborne. These guys are always overweight and are rumored to be paid by the UN 1 USD per kilo they are over. These guys can barely make it in he air with all 4 engines and they know there fate if they loose one... Ive heard of some crashes where it was discovered the aircraft was 30 tons overweight. I cannot feel sorry for people who are playing Russian roulet with airplanes...

3rd Jul 2008, 23:38
Overloading seems to be the norm. Their culture has to change. The accident rate can most probably reduce if operated within limits

4th Jul 2008, 21:55
Why change? Their culture works for them. Everyone involved knows the risk in overloading etc. It's not like it's a surprise. Obviously this is profitable for all involved or they wouldn't do it. To each culture its own.

4th Jul 2008, 22:03
CSilvera, that might be OK if they only killed themselves, but what about the innocent civilians they kill on the ground as they plough in? :ugh:

7th Jul 2008, 13:58
Speak of the devil, I just watched this t/o. Maybe you guys already saw this:

YouTube - Close call! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWtdtuspnoM)