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23rd Jun 2008, 14:47
From BBC today.

The captain of an Easyjet plane was forced to abort a take-off from Belfast on Monday because of fears about the weight in the hold.
The 0730 BST flight from Belfast International Airport to Luton was delayed for two and a half hours on Monday as the weight was rebalanced.
The captain said that he had never witnessed anything like it in 20 years.
But Easyjet said he was referring to two separate problems - the other involving the plane's forward door.
In a statement, Easyjet said the delay of two and a half hours was due to a possible technical problem and weight distribution issue.
"The flight was initially delayed following a problem with the forward door not opening as easily as it should. "When the aircraft later pushed back, the captain then decided not to proceed with take-off, following an indication of a possible problem involving the distribution of weight and balance of the aircraft."

Good old "got a funny feeling" seems to have been used here.

Had cargo door closing problems on numerous occassions flying Metroliners due to flexing of the fuselage due to incorrectly positioned cargo.

KW :ok:

23rd Jun 2008, 14:55
Just following training & procedures I should think??

And the old commonsense.

Mungo Man
23rd Jun 2008, 16:25
So what's this about fuselage flex?

23rd Jun 2008, 16:27
"The captain said that he had never witnessed anything like it in 20 years." As in, the 20 years since he had been born probably.