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23rd Jun 2008, 10:06


Hydraulic failure .... (22/06/2008)

Comments and photos (in french)



23rd Jun 2008, 10:48
Without knowing the facts of this particular incident but by just viewing the damage it seems that they have landed with the gear doors in fully open position and hydraulics syst 1 operative (gears use syst 1) on. Normally the red ldg handle on the pedestal (alternate extension) would be pulled up to put lgd pressure to return and releasing the doors to not have this kind of damage.just scraped doors on the friction pads. It have happened before and have many times been caused by faulty ldg door sequence valves so the doors fails to close. But since no fact are specified that is just a plausable senario
It will be a nice job for the sheeties :) and a coulple of new doors on the shopping list



23rd Jun 2008, 11:12

From the full comments of the original poster .. it's appear this plane declared a problem in flight .. as he lost all rudder capabilities ...


Babel Fish translation:
In this day (22.06.2008) Fokker-100 Air France by Britair lands in urgency in Lorient following a hydraulic breakdown! L' incident s' being produced in flight, this blocked the rudder and with damaged the trap door of the train d' landing which remained to be hung in the vacuum. In that with the VHF I hear went on the spot and j' took photographs of this problem

So are the cause he made emergency landing at Lorient.


23rd Jun 2008, 12:01
On a F100/70, as soon as you pull the emergency gear release, gear doors wont retract anymore. That's good enough, because they have special protecting tabs at the edge of the gear doors. You can replace them if they are abrased too much.

The picture we see here looks like they did this emergency gear release, but maybe because of a hard landing or crosswind, the gear doors got smashed and squeezed between fuselage and tarmac.

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23rd Jun 2008, 12:04
I thought that if you use the emer gear extension with loss of HYD SYS 1, you loss the Nose Wheel Steering. Or, on the photos, the aircraft taxies without any external help...

23rd Jun 2008, 14:42
Correct, without Sys 1, you cannot stear. But there might be other reasons to activate the emergency gear extension.

Sure enough, the aircraft on this picture didn't have hydraulic system 1 inop.