27th Aug 2001, 14:23
Does anyone have any info or has anyone heard about the QR A300 MUC-DOH on Saturday which had a decompression and then diverted to Belgrade for an emergency landing? :rolleyes:

11th Sep 2001, 16:46
Yes heard that Qatar Airways A/c A7-ABO made emergency landing into Belgrade with decompression. All crew/passengers ok but a/c oxygen system had major problems CSD had to use f/c toilet system as none on crew seat. Crew at rear of a/c had to use portable oxy due no oxy on rear crew seats and large number of pax had no oxy. Qatar Kept incident on the QT by the looks and crew were picked up by diverted london flight on which Snack Bar the Baker was onboard and asked how the pax were and not at all interested in the crew. Good One Qatar seems like things have not changed their. Snack Bar you just dont change do you. Well maybe someday you might just be onboard when something like this happens.
:eek: :eek:

EI - E I - O
12th Sep 2001, 02:44
Would I be correct in saying this is one of the EX-Korean Air Aircraft Qatar have taken on?