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14th Jun 2008, 09:26
Hi all don't know if anyone would be intrested but the easy flight to Sofia from Gatwick yesterday had a bird strike through one of the engins just after take off They had to declare an emergency and return to land. Does anyone have anymore info on this, as my partner who is a hostie for easyjet was on this flight?
Cheers :ok:

Jet A1
14th Jun 2008, 09:30
ask her...She'll probably know if she was on it...It is easyJet's policy and good CRM to have a debrief after an event...

14th Jun 2008, 09:51
She wasn't working she is based out on Newcastle, she was going to see family on holiday. So she doesn't know the full details.

Crewing Gimp
14th Jun 2008, 09:57
Shock:eek:, horror:eek: aircraft has a bird strike... For info it was not a full emergency, it was a pan.

The Gimp

14th Jun 2008, 10:26
Cheers gimp..... how apropriate that is you name. If you check my post, it said an emergency, and the last time I time i sat a flying exam a pan call was an emergency?

14th Jun 2008, 10:40
pan = distress
Mayday = emergency...

and my name doesnt even end with gimp ;)

Crewing Gimp
14th Jun 2008, 10:46
Thanks Ace

In your first post you asked for more info? I gave you more info, seeing as you have sat a flying exam maybe you could judge the severity?

Keep smiling

The Gimp

14th Jun 2008, 10:47
Ok many thanks and I sat corrected :{

14th Jun 2008, 12:47
On the strength of the last few posts, will different airlines do things differently, where as one airline may declare pan, another may delcare mayday? Is it down the each airlines procedures as to the action they take?

14th Jun 2008, 12:51
Bloody hell..................:ugh:

Look for the definitions of PAN PAN and MAYDAY before you start asking stupid questions.

14th Jun 2008, 12:54
Steady on flower, its got nothing to do with the definitions...........

I merely asked if all airlines would declare a pan or would some deem it necessary to declare a mayday for the bird strike, one engine out scenario.......

14th Jun 2008, 13:55
Just for clarrity:

Pan Pan Pan = Urgency

Mayday = Distress

I'ts up to the individual at the time to decide which, although some countries do not recognise the ' Urgency' call.......:ok:

14th Jun 2008, 14:17
For info it was not a full emergency, it was a pan.


The original statement only said they declared an emergency, not a full emergency. An aircrew can call Pan Pan Pan and it can (and usually will) be regarded as an emergency. Only ATC (or for certain specialised categories the police) can decide on the category of emergency which will be initiated, in the UK at least. This sounds a perfectly reasonable case for us in ATC to declare a full emergency, and in fact that would have been my call on this scenario. If the aircraft had shut down one engine, the full emergency category would be mandatory in any case, due to loss of more than 33% of power. In addition the aircraft may have been landing overweight with no reverse thrust available and potential for overheating brakes etc.