View Full Version : Blown tyre at Corfu Airport - Monday June 9th

12th Jun 2008, 00:37
Seems nobody has picked up on this but my parents tell me that they had to go around on the approach into Corfu Airport on Monday Morning (June 9th) due to the aircraft in front of them burting a tyre on landing . . . not sure of the details or airline etc! Just thought I would give it a mention!

12th Jun 2008, 04:13

Is this news ?

Mr @ Spotty M
12th Jun 2008, 04:45
Yes l work for the airline concerned and l read about on here before l found out at work.

12th Jun 2008, 08:17
So at least now we know it was a Monarch aircraft. Any more news??

12th Jun 2008, 08:20
someone told me years ago that a lot of the greek island rwys have a mix of local stone and shells in their tarmac which shreds tires. LGIR shreds tires I believe...