View Full Version : British World Affected by NJI Collapse?

23rd Nov 2001, 20:46
Understanding that National Jet Italia Aircraft are on BWA's AOC, how will this impact on BWA financially?

For one, presumably Eurocontrol unpaid fees will fall back on BWA. :confused:

23rd Nov 2001, 22:08
Actually we're not too badly off w.r.t. NJI, and certainly a lot better off than many who were involved - neigh, suck(er)ed in, i.e. at one point they owed us 2.4m, but the current position is that they owe us about 400k. Yes, we'd like the money, but let's watch this space, i.e. at the moment they are (to my knowledge) in 'Administration' (which is not the same as Liquidation).

W.r.t. the Nav charges again, we've pretty much paid all the charges thus far, or to put that another way, we're not - as yet - in 'default' with EuroControl.

In any event, we're hatching a plan to (hopefully) see us through.

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Metal Mickey
28th Nov 2001, 03:25
Really hope you do better than us former employees who have been left high and dry and owed thousands, contracts breached etc. But you can't get blood from a stone. A bitter taste in my mouth? You better believe it.