View Full Version : Will we learn?

27th Aug 2001, 02:21
I unfortunate enough to be at North Weald aerodrome in July last year, on the day of the crash between a Cessna & Yak which was part of a display team, which resulted in the death of 3 people & would like to make the following points regarding the incident.

1.Since the time of the accident, which occurred as a result of a procedural misunderstanding, I have seen no safety information posted at the airfield or in the aviation/CAA press. This accident could easily be repeated at North Weald or any other facility that permits military style radio calls within the circuit & does not instruct GA users on their use.

2.I will not speak directly of the pilot involved but of the group of whom he was a member: As mentioned above I flew on the morning of the accident & encountered the members of this team on the walk out to my aircraft. My friendly “Good morning” was met by a stony if not sarcastic silence. I was immediately made to feel inferior to these guys a situation that I have encountered a number of times during my time flying, where a public school type of aloofness & arrogance can prevail. I’m quite happy to leave these people to their own inadequacies, but on this occasion a friendly instruction on what the team intended to do in the vicinity of the aerodrome would have certainly been beneficial to me. From speaking to other flyers subsequent to the crash, the best course of action whenever these “professional” pilots are about is to stay on the ground, an option I took following one circuit that morning & observing lack of regard for the safety of other users that these guys displayed.