View Full Version : 737 NG speeds

1st Jun 2008, 11:27
Hi guys,
just curious, can anyone tell me what the VMO and MMO is for a 737-700.

It must be in the manual, I just donīt have one. ( can you also tell me in wich part)


1st Jun 2008, 12:42
Really depends on your manuals, but i can find it in OM/B Vol I, Chapter 1 Aircraft Limitations. It is MMO: 0.82, VMO: 340knots / VMO Pointer (same as for the other NGs and Classics by the way, dunno about Jurassic).

1st Jun 2008, 15:53
The speed is 340/0.82. Its not in any manual. Its on perf page 2 in the fmc. hope it helps..

1st Jun 2008, 16:03
You can have a non-standard perf page 2 though, and you can of course change it manually or by preset.

1st Jun 2008, 16:39
thank you all