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31st May 2008, 22:05
I hear that the typhoon will be helped back into a H A S as an f-16 would be.

Notso Fantastic
1st Jun 2008, 00:14
H A S........Health and Safety? Still makes no sense whatsoever of your posting. What ARE you talking about? Is it the Carlsberg talking? Please yes- at least there would be a reason for such a weird daft post!

1st Jun 2008, 00:55
Historical Aero Squadron. ??

1st Jun 2008, 04:10



....me thinks.

Notso Fantastic
1st Jun 2008, 07:56
What does it mean? Is it like those BBC broadcasts during the war to partisans in Europe? Coded messages: 'the water is lapping at the dairy' meaning 'blow up a train or two Monday please!'

Brian Abraham
1st Jun 2008, 08:36
Think it is a cryptic comment on the Norwegian F-16 that folding its nose leg at Cold Lake recently and the Typoon that did the same at China Lake. Idiot post and think TheGorrilla got it right.

Notso Fantastic
1st Jun 2008, 13:20
Aviation is beset with far, far too many of these bloody acronyms, usually mysteriously for some reason, made up of 3 letters....which everybody is supposed to know! H A S is a pretty good one, very strange! I suggest we have a limit- anyone who posts a weirdo aviation acronym of 3 letters or more (with the demented assumption that we are all supposed to know it) that I don't know is obviously taking the Uric acid and must pay a fine (to me)?

Brian Abraham
2nd Jun 2008, 01:38
Notso Fantastic - know what you mean and sympathise. Cardinal has it correct.

2nd Jun 2008, 01:52
I seem to remember an old MOD film they showed us in Germany using possibly a Meatbox..... The Meatbox was duly pushed inside along with a load of sheep, the doors closed and the equivalent of a thousand pounder was detonated outside the HAS to show the effect.

The narrator carries on after extolling the virtues of this hardened shelter by pointing out that although the aircraft has sustained some damage it will be flying again in a short period of time................. Our eyes were however drawn to all the dead sheep that suffered from the blast wave as we were expected to live in the said HAS with OUR aircraft............

So much for giving everyone confidence.:ugh: