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2nd Jul 2001, 18:49
Hey, Friends, do I qualify for PPL if I have Long-sighted problem (In fact, one long-sighted, another short-sighted) as I really eager to be a Private Pilot....anyone can answer me , your kind reply is greatly appreciated.


Final 3 Greens
2nd Jul 2001, 19:07

You asked if you qualify for a PPL by being long sighted?

Sadly not! But I guess you mean "would eyesight problems prevent me from obtaining a PPL"

The answer is that it all depends on the medical rules of the aviation authority from who you wish to obtain a licence.

For example the British CAA uses JAR standards and I attach a link to the page relevant to an aspiring PPL, as it might interest you:

http://www.srg.caa.co.uk/pld/med/med_information.asp?page=/medical/SRG_MED_ja a_class_2_vision.htm (http://www.srg.caa.co.uk/pld/med/med_information.asp?page=/medical/SRG_MED_jaa_class_2_vision.htm)

You really need to contact the issuing authority for the PPL you wish to gain and then talk with their expert about your eyesight ... so have your prescription details ready.

Hope this helps and good luck if you go for a PPL.

By the way, you will probably get a better response fi you post this mail to the Questions or Private Flying fora, rather than Rumours and News, which tends to cover matters concerning professional pilots.

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2nd Jul 2001, 19:30
Final 3 Greens,



3rd Jul 2001, 05:06
Yeah, tried that and they read me the rules. Its the double vision that keeps me grounded. Don't know why, I see twice as much as most people. (Or is that the same but twice as often?) Both eyes are OK but although I keep them pointed in the same direction by corrective lenses, that isn't good enough.

I used to fly as starboard lookout on Westland Whirlwinds when they were practicing GCRs though. If only they knew! :)

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