View Full Version : Aer Arran Lays Off Pilots in Single Fleet Policy: IALPA "Angered"

The Guvnor
26th Aug 2001, 14:45
From today's Sunday Times:

Aer Arann Express axes pilots in
switch to larger aircraft

THE regional airline, Aer Arann Express, has made 12 of its 60 pilots redundant as part of a move to use only one model of aircraft, writes Tom McEnaney. The company, which has flown two aircraft types, ATR 42s and Short 360s, will now fly only ATRs.

The company says the pilots currently flying the two Short 360s, which can carry 36 passengers, are not qualified to fly the newer planes, which can carry 50 passengers.

The lay-offs have angered the pilots' representative body, the Irish Airline Pilots Association (IALPA). A spokesman for IALPA said that given the number of redundancies, Aer Arann Express was obliged to negotiate with the pilots' representative 30 days ahead of the termination of their employment, which is due to take place on September 1.

A spokesman for the company said it did not recognise third parties and only dealt directly with its employees.

"As a direct result of Aer Arann Express increasing the frequency of its flights to Sligo and Knock, the company has decided to move to ATR 42s," said the spokesman. "Having two types of aircraft is not financially efficient. One aircraft is obviously more efficient in terms of maintenance, parts and crew."

The move to one aircraft type follows the successful adoption of the same policy by Ryanair.

Aer Arann Express, which was founded by Eugene O'Kelly and the company's managing director, Padraig O'Ceidigh, had a turnover last year of 20m.

Current forecasters say it will fly 300,000 passengers this year. It currently flies scheduled services from Dublin to Cork, Donegal, Galway, Kerry, Knock, Sligo and Sheffield.

Deep Cover Gecko
27th Aug 2001, 20:26
Is DC up to his old tricks again? Making as many friends as he did at VEI?

31st Aug 2001, 03:55
And yet, at the same time, the head of IFALPA, a local employee, is busy trying to sell his employer a fantastic deal that could see him retire and come back the very next day to do the same job at a fraction of the price, and keep a lot of young pilots out of a job. Always worht looking at everyones' motivation.

Great outfit this, IFALPA.

Hello, anyone there???

31st Aug 2001, 19:52
Firstly just want to say sorry to the lads&lassies who this effects - PC & EK would'nt have an airline in Dublin now if it was'nt for the efforts put in by the shed crews. Sure some of the pilots are now on the atr but some very senior guys have been left without even a thankyou. The effort put in was fantastic and as an ex RE driver I know, the aircraft these crews fly are some of the worst aircraft around and the maintence is'nt the best but the job was done to help the company establish its self into irelands regional carrier it is such a shame that as they are getting them selves sorted out the people who got them there have been dumped but alas as what is often to common in the regional airworld the management forget how they got there.
Padraig if you remember back when you had just one acft you promised everyone that you would look after them if they looked after you ----is this what you ment............ :cool:

31st Aug 2001, 23:03
Will the ATR guys support the company in the same way the SH360 guys/gals did.
The Sh360's crews have more seniority and therefore should have got first crack at the ATR's and if they were locked in to the Sh360's then they should be kept not disgarded when their usefullness has finished......doesn't give a good impression on the up & coming airline :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

1st Sep 2001, 01:23
Easy tonyryan let's see some evidence to support your statement.
As for RE - bad,bad decision...I wish all the 360 guys the best (I know somw of you)

Crusty Ol Cap'n
2nd Sep 2001, 01:36
minuteman, tonyryan is absolutely right but he can't produce the evidence because the web site has been shut down. Maybe somebody who has a copy of the Hunter document could post it here?

2nd Sep 2001, 02:59
If it helps - I hear Emerald is looking for SD360 Pilots based at Belfast for night a mail contract.

3rd Sep 2001, 20:24
Apparantely, POC has called a meeting for tonight for all permanent pilots, no contract pilots were invited. What's the bets he puts on the poor mouth and blames the Shed pilots for trying to bankrupt him?

POC, take my advise and climb down off your high horse. Withdraw the redundancies, apologise to the shed pilots and offer them ATR courses (for those who failed already, offer them them the opportunity to pay for the course themselves if they want to try again).

POC, the most important thing is be fair to everyone in Aer Arann Express - ATR and 360 crews alike. Liking it or lumping it is not the attitude, conciliation works!