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22nd May 2008, 17:06
Hi All,
i need some advice, currently looking into purchasing BOSE Aviation Headset X. Flying the 737-8 and was wondering how it can be powered.

The Headset comes in two versions,
AA batteries or Powered from the Aircraft

MY question is on the 737-8 , is there a power jack available for this kind of headset,

Some say the TELEX is powered off the A/C but how

Shed some light on this, I would greatly appreciate it


Notso Fantastic
22nd May 2008, 17:38
I had a highly expensive Telex 850ANR for use on a 737NG. Under no circumstances would I recommend this make headset, although it does work. the reason being that the headphone/headband attachment, which is pivoted, is INCREDIBLY flimsy and fragile. Just pushing the headset in its Telex case into a full briefcase did for it when I just pushed it down- it broke under almost no pressure. Having shattered the pivot, I'm told it cannot be repaired, and you should see Telex's European Customer Support (not!). 375 worth! Try the Sennheiser ANR instead.

It uses the 2 Boeing jackplug system which powers the headset. Works fine. I find myself using aircraft headsets now on full volume- the ANR used to be about half way! They are GOOD! And that is one ear.

Having given my opinion on the Telex 850ANR, I have come by another cheaply (eBay!), but it has a single Airbus plug. The Headset repair shop say they can swap out the plug for twin Boeing ones. I figure I might be able to do it cheaper myself being an elementary solderer and computer putter-togetherer. Can anyone tell me if it is easy to get inline connectors for this that are strong enough to absorb me pulling and turning to get a cup of tea? I had thought of using the older headset lead going into the new headset lead- that way it would be straight colour connections.

Dream Land
23rd May 2008, 03:16
I believe it can be powered by the aircraft if it has the CAP-5 plug as in Airbus, not sure about the Boeing.

23rd May 2008, 03:28
I considered an aircraft powered one, but went with the battery powered one because it can be used anywhere...including riding in back. The batteries last a very long time.

Personally, a little lightweight airman 750 works just fine in the 747. A bose seems like a little overkill.

23rd May 2008, 08:28
Having flown B737s of all stripes for over 30 years I would suggest you use the headset that comes with the aircraft.
I still get through the hearing test every year so why waste your money?

23rd May 2008, 08:47
For the B 737, do not choose the Telex. You have poor feedback in the earphones, and the unit is rather flimsy.
Any of the variants of the Sennheiser HMEC (http://www.mypilotstore.com/MyPilotStore/sep/5532) series will do a far better job.
Just an opinion though