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buzz boy
17th Feb 2002, 20:25
The news on the street is that KLMuk and Buzz are going to be split and merged into the Dutch airlines.

KLMuk will become part of KLM Cityhopper operating european and uk short haul.

Transavia, KLM's charter airline will become a low cost airline and adopt the Buzz brand and be merged with the UK arm of Buzz.

Buzz is already expanding into France by operating some french domestic routes and with the addition of the transavia fleet it is the intention to expand further into europe.

17th Feb 2002, 21:17
Buzz boy, Do you work at Buzz? Floris van Pallandt, the KLMuk/Buzz CEO will become the new Transavia CEO in a few months, so your story sounds logical.

Can you tell me where you get this info and do you have any further info?

Few Cloudy
17th Feb 2002, 21:52
All those airlines...all those chief Pilots...all those headquarters...all those costs...

18th Feb 2002, 02:44
An interesting statement. This would indeed, in my mind be advantageous for both companies, yet would meen moving into the more competitive short haul/european market. Buzz Boy, i am hoping your username suggests you have an affiliation with Buzz, so how strong is this rumour and when are we likely to this this happening. in the mean time, does anyone know what the state of KLM UK is at the moment. it seems to be a very quiet arline at the moment, and information of this nature is hard to come by. Any replies would be helpful...

18th Feb 2002, 02:54
No rumours at all about a so called "merger" here at Transavia. Just ordered 4 new 737-700's though, and expanding the low-cost flights quite a lot...

I think it is just one of those rumours.. .(The Van Pallandt part is true, though, just got the invitation for his "welcoming party".)

The Dude

David Hurst
18th Feb 2002, 11:33
No coincidence that Peter Legro is retiring next month. Always thought that Transavia would get swallowed up into the blue when he went.

18th Feb 2002, 12:47
True, but that isn't surprising... How long has Peter Legro been the Transavia CEO ? Some 20 years I think... This guy's well past 60, he deserves his retirement !

..and now mr. Van Pallandt takes his place ?! Good for him ! (nice carreer move, I'd say).

KLM wouldn't give up the Transavia Brand just like that ! They've been around for over 35 years and have built quite a good reputation here in Holland. They are, however, wordking together on all fronts, last season there were KLM crews and A/C stationed at Transavia, for the busy summer schedule !

GrTz the Dude

18th Feb 2002, 14:53
In correlation with this rumour it would be intresting to know who the new CEO at KLMuk will be, if there would be any?


18th Feb 2002, 16:46
I havent heard anything official from the company but this does sound logical.

KLMuk is fleet common with KLMcityhopper (F50, F100/F70) to combine the two would be a huge saving in admin / aoc costs.

Buzz needs to expand, KLM needs low cost at AMS to compete with Easyjet, the Buzz brand is doing well in europe, so it again it is logical to combine Transavia and Buzz and take on Easy.

Running so many AOC's (KLMrda, KLMuk, KLMcityhopper, Transavia, Martinair) is a very expensive business, to reduce to three AOC's is the way foward.

David Hurst
18th Feb 2002, 23:00
At one time there was discussion of KLM Leisure as a brand but that died.

On the other hand there is the concept of BA getting involved with KLM. That creates all sorts of different scenarios. Maybe Transavia will become BA's new low-cost carrier <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

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19th Feb 2002, 02:20
I dont think KLM would touch BA with a barge pole in thier current state, 160m loss last quarter and 5.3billion debts?????

Long term a KLM/BA alliance or merger would be good for both companies, but BA needs to get its house in order first.

19th Feb 2002, 16:19
Skate, at KLM Cityhopper, people are convinced that their CEO, Elfrieke van Galen, will take over the position at KLMuk... Just like Van Pallandt did a couple of years ago...

Some sort of experience-builder, perhaps ???

KLM Cityhopper - KLMuk - Transavia - ... ???

About the "leisure" thing, why create a big low cost group, if you have a couple of different brands ? Let the people have the idea they can choose from a lot of different airlines, in the background, the profits end up in one big KLM-pocket...

One can also get more slots at crowded airports this way, make a big airline / lose slots to the competition !

... you never know what the future will bring, but it sure is fun to brainstorm about it...

Safe Flying.

23rd Feb 2002, 20:32
i'm at easyJet and we're expanding into the french market as soon as we can take over slots at Orly airport.. .i don't know about this buzz and klm uk thing.. .i thought transavia was a charter airline.. .and transavia has its own low fares airline BASIQ AIR which competes on most of EZY's routes out of Amsterdam. It would seem more logical to merge these carriers together.. .i have heard that buzz is to purchase around 25 Boeing 737-700s in order to expand the UK-France routes and take on lots of routes ie Vienna, Helsinki, Milan and Koln that it had to drop because of limited capacity. 20 at STN and 5 in France.. .also KLMuk are looking at rolling over its own fleet.. .buzzboy any news?

24th Feb 2002, 02:00
Isn't it funny how people from other airlines always "know" what's going on. Buzz is going to expand, but I'm sure if the management aren't telling their own pilots yet (and they aren't), I don't somehow see them telling the pilots in EZY.

Barney Stubble
24th Feb 2002, 13:35
Anyone know if the half dozen chaps made redundant recently will be taken on again in light of KLMuk/Buzz's expansion plans? <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

24th Feb 2002, 21:44
Good point, Herod. They are even less likely to tell the cabin crew (such as easy 737) what's going on! :)

25th Feb 2002, 01:48
On the local grapevine HV have not yet made a longterm decision what to do with Basiq Air. However, I heard that Legro had made a move towards expanding Basiq Air and diluting HV in 2002?? Ironic that EJ stated with loud trumpets that it was going to start AMS - NCE, BCN, AGP. Guess where Basiq Air fly????????? So much for commercial secrets and stratergy! HV will become a B737 operator and dump the 757's. AMS is ripe for a low cost operator, but I mean real low cost, not Basiq Air prices. Come on Ryan Air, where are you?? EJ have cancelled there plans for an AMS base; what about a poke in the eye for them? If not them, then BUZZ. I'm sure that the much mouthed excuse from EJ, of lack of slots, for not opening up AMS will not apply to BUZZ. Combining BUZZ & HV will have massive local union and political problems. It could succeed but not quickly and smoothly. Good idea though. What is for sure, Basiq Air can not become a true low cost operator in its present form.. .I wait to pick up the pieces, but it might be a long wait.