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18th May 2008, 10:49
Hey Guys,

Im in the market for a GPS that can go from cockpit to the car, i dont know where to start. are they expensive to keep upto date? any suggestions would be great thanks guys...


Dream Land
18th May 2008, 14:16
I can recommend anything made by Garmin. :ok:

18th May 2008, 17:46
Delete the word "anything".

Not all GPS models are appropriate.

18th May 2008, 19:26
As an emergency backup for both, I use a Garmin eTrex Legend Cx. With the MapSource World Map on the micro SD card, I can generate often-used overwater routes. With the North America database on a 2 GB card, I can get most of the US on it. The Legend has a street-following routine, but it is obviously not as robust as a purpose-built car navigator like the Nuvi. Then again, the Nuvi is close to useless in the cockpit...

Once you get your World and area CDs and the SD cards, other ROM updates are free. I suppose you could update the databases regularly, but I don't think it's cost-effective for the purpose... Shop around for software buys.

Notso Fantastic
18th May 2008, 19:33
Google Fly Angel. Hasn't anybody heard of it? Not cheap though. But appears to be a real 2 in 1.

Mark 1
19th May 2008, 10:18
Decide what the primary use is and how much you want to spend. Any GPS will tell you where you are.

I've looked at the Fly-Angel and thought it was a bit small and fiiddly to use.

I've been using a Garmin 296 with automotive kit and City Select - Europe software, and find it pretty good generally. Post-code searches are not very good however.
The new 496 comes with automotive kit built in.

Updates are about 20 for the aeronautical database, a bit more (but not needed so often) for the automotive database.

Car portable units are getting so cheap now, it might be just as cheap to have separate dedicated units.