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The Guvnor
23rd Nov 2001, 18:51
Ryanair Holdings plc has today announced that The Capital Group Companies, Inc. and its affiliates now hold, in aggregate, 27,506,513 ordinary shares in the company. This represents 7.60 per cent of the current issued ordinary share capital of Ryanair.

Given the recent sale of shares by Tony Ryan, could this mean that a bid for the company is in the offing?

23rd Nov 2001, 19:22
On the subject of Ryanair shares, is it true that there has never been a dividend issued against them??

23rd Nov 2001, 19:37
thats some good cut & paste work guvnor... I can read the paper also! as I'm sure the rest of the PPRUNers can also.

The Guvnor
23rd Nov 2001, 19:39
HalesandPace - I believe that's true, though it is relatively common for growth companies to rely on the increased asset growth (and share price increase) rather than paying dividends.

Interestingly, this just off the wires:

Ryanair Holdings plc have been notified by Putnam Investment Management, LLC and The Putnam Advisory Company, LLC (together 'Putnam') that their clients hold beneficial interests in 17,432,915 Ryanair
Holdings ADR shares.This representing 4.822% of the Ryanair Holdings ADR shares outstanding.

ADRs are American Depository Receipts; basically the shares issued for the US market.

The Guvnor
23rd Nov 2001, 19:45
Care to tell me which paper it's from then, genius747? :D :rolleyes: :D

23rd Nov 2001, 19:46
genius, would you get a life? I also suggest you change your handle.

This is a bulletin board for "News and Rumours" about the world of aviation, and that's what The Guvnor posted. If you have a problem with that, you don't belong here.

FWIW, I don't get a newspaper. I was glad to hear of it from PPRuNe.

23rd Nov 2001, 23:45
Nothing wrong with starting a company and selling it on when it makes a profit. That would be sound business sense, but there always seems to be something not quite right about the reasons why MOL & the Ryans get rid of their personal shares in the company. Having studied the growth of FR since 1994 There has been an inordinate amount of share shedding by the directors in the company. Maybe sound business sense!, but could also be a case of getting out before the trouble starts. After all nothing's perfect and running Ryanair is certainly not a license to print money.

BTW Guv! Just what paper were you reading (online!) :cool:

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26th Nov 2001, 03:11
Who is this Capital group? Michael O'Leary or Tony Ryan? Or both?

27th Nov 2001, 11:54

If you have nothing else to do, do it somewhere else.

Some of us do not live in England, and news like this one do not necessarily pop up in my newspaper. Tks Guv :)

27th Nov 2001, 14:54
genius747 is a well known idiot who has made various crass postings on various sections of PPRuNe, all of which demonstrate great ignorance. His profile changes frequently (I note he is now a doctor) and he also deletes his postings whenever he gets a hostile response (which is just about every time).