View Full Version : Hamburg-Saturday.

Mr moto
2nd Jul 2001, 01:16
Out of interest, does anyone know what the aircraft was which was blocking EDDH RW23 yesterday?

I was too high to get a proper look.

2nd Jul 2001, 14:47
EDDH RWY 23 has been closed due to work in progress close to the RWY threshold for three weeks. Some routine maintenance is also being carried out. During these three weeks the unobstructed surface has been used during the HAMBURG AIRPORT CLASSICS aviation festival as an airshow runway, serving vintage airplanes and also the first glider landings at Fuhlsbüttel in around three decades. On saturday, a B747SP VIP variant that is undergoing maintenance at LH Technik sat close to the RWY 05 threshold. I don't know whether an engine test run was taking place but this happens frequently, usually at the RWY 15 threshold when RWY 05/23 is servicable.

Mr moto
4th Jul 2001, 00:24
Thanks. I only saw one aircraft which looked like an Antonov. But I 'm very interested in the oldtimers. Shame we don't go in there any more!

4th Jul 2001, 00:51
the closed 23/05 caused some problem this morning. RVR was down to 300m and the only CATII/III is on 23.