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2nd May 2008, 19:02
Hi Folks,

Iīm currently in the process of getting my FAA licenses.

As I already had JAA CPL, Iīve been granted an FAA PPL.

In my JAA license I have single, multi, instrument and flight instructor rating.
My local FSDO has already endorsed my private license with SE and ME, and... as I have undergone the knowledge test for the instrument rating... I have the instrument as well.

Now here comes the question... I have been told at FSDO that once I have my commercial license, they can endorse me the CFI as well, based on the flight instructor rating I have on my JAA license.

Anyone knows if this is right?
I didnīt know that I could add all my JAA ratings, and even my company didnīt know about this, as theyīre training me for my CFI.

As the company is paying my training, I discard that they want me to go through the full process to get my money. Iīd like to ask it here first just in case. Maybe some of you know where in the FARs I can check this.
I have tried a forum search but FAA and CFI are 3 words, and the forum doesnīt bother to search if itīs less than 4 characters:}

Thanks a lot in advance!

Kind regards,


2nd May 2008, 20:07
Wrong forum. Try the Instructors forum, I would suggest,

2nd May 2008, 21:00

well... I'll post over there too. As there's a lot less activity and the instructors forum has an European flavor I thought I could try here.

This question has a bit of technical-airlaw so I thought it could be an option.

Thanks for your hint!

Regards / Pablo