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16th Feb 2002, 22:58
My neighbours told me of their mates that got a Really good deal with RyanAir. Dublin- Stanstead-Rome, 2 hours between flights. All went well until they were badly delayed out of Rome. Missed their flight to Dublin, RyanAir refused to put them on another flight until they shelled out 110 each, they were told that each sector is considered a new sector and it was tough that their flight was delayed and they missed the connection from Stanstead. They are not amused.

16th Feb 2002, 23:05
Confusious, he say: Read the small print....

It's all there in print (text)when you buy the ticket. It says Ryanair is an A to B airline. Any connection flight you take is considered as a seperate flight. Any missed connections are not their fault.

Low price tickets come with alot of small print. It is definately buyer beware. People would do well to read the conditions attached to their travel and understand the catches and limitations. This applies to low priced tickets from low & high cost operators.

16th Feb 2002, 23:30
You get what you pay for they say... BA is not that bad at all...

17th Feb 2002, 00:38
In FAQs on Ryanair website, they advise passengers not to book connecting tickets with Ryanair. Point to point only. Would they have booked had they known that?

17th Feb 2002, 01:16
Needless to say they will not be darkening their single sector doors again.

Buster the Bear
17th Feb 2002, 01:21

17th Feb 2002, 01:39
And ye said to them..."Let that be a f***'in lesson to ya....yee eejits".

Love it...the more the merrier.

The future of aviation...my arse!

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