View Full Version : Air Namibia pilot tels pax to set watch back 20 yrs upon arrival!

24th Aug 2001, 20:56
This guy will probably be severely chastised if not worse. It was probably a joke gone awfully awry....

Read what he said... (http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_381490.html?menu=)

Doctor Bob
AirlineRumor.com (http://www.airlinerumor.com) :eek: :eek:

24th Aug 2001, 21:06
Never been in Nambia, but some of the places I have flown to in Africa could set the clocks back a few thousand years and still be on local time... :rolleyes:

24th Aug 2001, 21:33
Nice to know there are some places in this world still left untouched by the ravages of modern time. :cool:

24th Aug 2001, 21:54
He'd obviously heard about the (ex)Manx pilot who said much the same thing a while ago!

Capt Homesick
25th Aug 2001, 04:13
I've been tempted to say something similar (300 years, though) going into Belfast during the marching season.....

Ignition Override
25th Aug 2001, 08:52
Flying towards the state of Minnesota (US) several years ago, a pilot reminded passengers to set their watches back about 100 years or so.

When I fly there, due to so many there having little sense of humor, I'm always tempted to pull out my passport, since it is so much like a foreign country.

25th Aug 2001, 09:00
It the comments are true it should be
dealt with severely. Alot of North Americans,
Europeans and Aussies use Africa and the
Caribbean to gain flight time. They have no
love for the people and places the come
in contact with. Can you imagine if the
situation were reversed.
Fly safe

25th Aug 2001, 11:58

Humour, makes this boring, politically correct heap of Crap we call our modern world worth living in, any pilot who can fly you and other pax thousands of miles, find the place and land, is, in my book allowed to say what the hell he wants, its the Namby pamby pratts of this world that are very quickly F**KING it all up

tiger burn
25th Aug 2001, 12:24
I've been to Namibia :stunning country - extra terrestrial landscapes & lovely people,very 1950's germanic architecture in Windhoek & Swakopmund - (I seem to remember it was "German" until 1990)Witty pilots should be applauded - seems like a harmless statement to me & anyway I feel the same way about Harare, certain parts of NZ & the Cook Islands & thats why I love them - now if only I could globally roam in a DC3! :D

Count Acclaim
25th Aug 2001, 14:09
Wouldn't it be nice if we could set the clock back in the UK - to, oh I don't know, say the 1930's?

Any other favourite time destinations?

Sid and Coke
25th Aug 2001, 22:42
I seem to remember that when i left Saudi in 1999 (normal time) it was the year 1418ish (local), maybe his comments would have gone down better there. Hmmm.... maybe not.

25th Aug 2001, 22:51
It's a joke thats been around for a long time...everyone heard of the AirUk Capt. who's arrival pa at Norwich was "where the local time is 1974"!!


25th Aug 2001, 22:59
It sound like he was a shade too conservative to me, maybe that's why they were upset, better luck next time matey!

15/15 flex
25th Aug 2001, 23:57
Was often a favourite going into the Falkalnd Islands, much to the displeasure of the local hierarchy. In a similar vein, on the way back: "all the girls who are returning from your six month detachment........you are now officially ugly again!"

(Obviously this never happened, and is added merely as witty badinage - should anyone be checking!!)


26th Aug 2001, 00:06
Im with VFRPILOTPB all the way could not have put it better.

The Bluesmobile
26th Aug 2001, 00:07

er.. I think it did you know?

I was in the mess at MPA one night when someone had been bollocked for said 'ugly' announcement. Thought it was hilarious and got a round in !

(Bit like the night the crew of the F4 were had for snagging somebodys long wire antenna overflying port howard..but thats another story!)

whats wrong with a bit of humour on the PA.. its shows the guys up front are awake :D

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26th Aug 2001, 08:25
Humour on the PA is ok, but maybe black humour (pun intended) might be too sensitive for some :D

26th Aug 2001, 11:57
Humour is just that, humour.
If you cannot laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at? :D

26th Aug 2001, 12:39
Hey V3,

Do you think the Pilot of the Airbus Glider should be taken to task for cracking any jokes at his arrival on a lump of Rock in the middle of the Atlantic!!

26th Aug 2001, 14:37
Some Saudia pilots have been known to announce: "Welcome to Jeddah Airport where the local time is 15:15, and the year is 14XX" coz the arabic calendar is still year 14XX... and the reverse upon arriving somewhere else...


Winston Smith
26th Aug 2001, 21:37
1981? The passengers should have been happy, since this was a few years before the treacherous National Party Government of South Africa turned SWA over to SWAPO bandits. The newspeak term for this process is "independence".

But then, these guys at least aren't as degenerated as our "ruling class":

Namibian President Orders Gay Purge
By Christopher Munnion in Johannesburg (March 22nd, 2001) http://www.telegraph.co.uk

Homosexuals in Namibia were in fear for their safety yesterday after President Sam Nujoma ordered police to "arrest, deport and imprison" them. In an outburst seemingly prompted by figures showing a sharp increase in
Namibia's Aids infection rate, the ageing president said homosexuals and lesbians should be purged from society. Members of the gay community predicted that they would be forced to flee the country, probably to neighbouring South Africa where freedom of sexual expression is protected by the constitution.
Mr Nujoma told students at the University of Namibia: "We do not allow homosexuality or lesbianism here. Police are ordered to arrest you and deport you and imprison you too." He blamed "foreign influences" for homosexuality in Namibia, which he said threatened to destroy the nation. Independent legal experts in Windhoek said they were unsure what action the police could take to carry out the presidential order.
Jerry Ekandjo, Namibia's home affairs minister, caused similar confusion last year when he urged newly graduated police officers to "eliminate gays and lesbians from the face of Namibia".
Ian Swartz, co-ordinator of the gay lobbying group the Rainbow Project, said his office had been swamped with inquiries about emigration. His movement had about 1,000 members but there were "many more Namibians who are afraid to reveal their sexual orientation".

27th Aug 2001, 08:47
MANDALA 499: Yeah, heard the same comment on my first trip into Jeddah....

Imagine, however, if the guy who said it had been an ex-pat.. Off to chop-chop square...or at least a quick trip home, sans severence (pun intended) pay.

These guys have absolutely NO sence of humour!! :D

Ignition Override
27th Aug 2001, 09:32
VFRPilotPB said it very well.

At my company, a few chauvinistic feminist twats have a problem with the standard word "cockpit". We even have some manual revisions because of these petty mentalities, with large feminist chips on their shoulders.

I tell my FOs, if they want to say flightdeck, fine. But I absolutley refuse to give up the word "cockpit". Let them invite me up to the "Peoples' Republik" for a debriefing. Maybe we should address each other as comrade, having given these unhappy feminists the keys to Flight Operations "CorrektSpeak".

Our standard aviation terminology existed long before any of these unhappy dames (not the nice lady pilots) which I'm specifically referring to-woops, I mean broads, or dingy dollies-were forced to become pilots-they knew what the business was about.

Maybe they should be thankful that they were/are allowed to work as airline pilots-it was not always the case. No kidding here. Their problem is with the English language: it is not my problem.

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27th Aug 2001, 10:51
If the 'wimmin' don't like 'cockpit' (which has nothing to do with male dangly bits - it comes from the old 'sport' of cock-fighting), ask them whether they'd prefer 'box office'!

PS - The term 'wimmin' comes from the satirical magazine 'Private Eye' and refers to those who insist on pointless militant feminist lunacy. It does NOT, of course, refer to the overwhelming majority of sensible female aircrew.

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27th Aug 2001, 13:38
Similar to a joke used numerous times in Australia.

Every Summer most of Australia goes on to Summer Time (Daylight Savings) but NOT Queensland.

More than one crew on arriving from Sydney or Melbourne have announced "Welcome to Brisbane, please turn your watches back one hour, and your calendars 100 years, to conform with Queensland time........."

:rolleyes: :eek: :D

27th Aug 2001, 13:53
And everyone knows that the extra hour of sunlight rots the curtains.

27th Aug 2001, 15:03

Yes. 1981. Windoek, Swakopmund. Banana Utopia