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20th Apr 2008, 17:52
More A320 questions guys:

1) Are all new Airbuses fitted with Centre Tanks, or is it just the A321/30/40/80?

2) Do you have to have the fuel pumps off for re-fuelling? Why?

3) If there's ever an engine failure, why can't you turn on the APU to power the pneumatics/AC Power? Surely there'd be more power available to the remaining engine?

4) In an emergency (e.g. engine failure after takeoff), at which point do you call MAYDAY and report your intentions to ATC? I know you have to do nothing and keep climbing below 400ft AGL, but after that, when do you carry out the necessary ECAM actions? Do you have to report it straight away and chat away to ATC whilst the engine BURNS:eek:? Or do you carry the ECAM actions down to shutting the engine down and discharging the extinguishers then tell ATC?

26th Apr 2008, 02:17
1) Also A318/19/20, A300 &A310

2) Technically it is more than possible. If there's something in the SOP's I've got no idea.

3) Why can't the APU be switched on? If it's there and works it should be on. That also recovers all galley power.

4) No idea. I just fix them.

Any incorrections, please feel free to correct them.

Safe flying.

30th Apr 2008, 13:38
Yes you can have fuel pumps on while refueling, what is sending fuel to the APU?

30th Apr 2008, 15:27
On a320 series, with AC power available (ground or APU), 1 fuel pump from left wing will run to supply APU Fuel. If on batteries only the APU has its own independant pump.

So it mustnt be of any detriment to have pumps on during refuel.

30th Apr 2008, 16:25
2.- Yes, technically you can turn on the pumps, but it is a safety issue similar to not switching on strobos while refueling.
4.- Suppose an V1 engine failure scenery. The main objective is to identify the problem and control the airplane. That could take you to 400 feet. Then asap use the ap if available. That would give you a better disposition to distribute the tasks. It could be a long time from 400 feet to EO acc alt. Even it could be that the EOP interfere with same/other rwy tfc. So IMO the first thing to do the PNF is to activate the EOP on the FMS if it is not already and then proceed with ECAM action while the PF declares the emergency to alert the controllers for possible tfc interferences. There is a recent video where a 757 lost the right engine due to bird ingestion during the rotation. In the video the pilots declare emergency before the acc alt and at the meantime the fire is extinguished. Anyway this is only my point of view. You must check with your SOP.

jettison valve
30th Apr 2008, 20:23
A330-300: no centre tank!
A380 pax - no centre tank!
A380 freighter - AI wants to talk FX, UPS etc. out of the centre tank...

2) There were times on the A330/A340 when main pumps on/off had an impact on the FQIS. This has been solved in the late 90s if I am correct.
However, some people still think you need to have the pumps off...

3) I am not an A320 expert. Donīt see a problem for the big Airbusses...

4) I am not a pilot... ;)