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19th Apr 2008, 17:27
Hi guys,

Does anyone know how the BBJ extra fuel tanks are installed and work? I recently found out that the ones on the Airbus CJ are very similar to containers, and can be removed quite quickly.

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Brian Abraham
20th Apr 2008, 02:09
ones on the Airbus CJ are very similar to containers
Ditto BBJ. As to speed of installation/removal know not.

21st Apr 2008, 11:02
How can one remove the BBJ tanks through the small, inward opening cargo door? ACJ is easy since the outward opening doors are sized and designed to accommodate container usage.

22nd Apr 2008, 23:32

my point exactly!

I know that tanks can be installed inside the cargo hold if needed, but that would take a lot of time. In regard for the ACJ with would be much quicker as you said, larger cargo door, and the tank is the same size as a std container.

23rd Apr 2008, 04:10
The BBJ is little container type fuel tanks. They take a while to remove/install, just like the Aux tank on a 737-400

Capt Chambo
23rd Apr 2008, 07:23
Don't know anything about the ACJ, but on the BBJ the auxiliary tank system is usually installed under a(an?) STC by PATS. A quick Google search threw up this..
A simplified description can also be found on Capt. Chris Brady's B737 website, the URL to the auxiliary fuel system..


25th Apr 2008, 10:55
thanks guys,

and does anyone know how much fuel these extra tanks can carry?


25th Apr 2008, 13:50
Hi Marlboro,

not flying either of the aircraft but i have done some research on behalf of my boss.
Both aircraft have a range of about 4000nm without extra tanks, with all the tanks fitted about 6000nm, where as you can configure with as many extra tanks as you like, up to alimit of course. As mentioned above it needs certification if you change the configuration.
I was told by pilots who operate the BBJ that anything more than 5500nm is a waste as yo can hardly take any passengers and certainly on the BBJ 1you have very little cargo space left.

For the fuel amount i believe you can check on the Boeing website.

Good luck

Capt Chambo
26th Apr 2008, 02:03
Marlboro_2002. It depends on your configuration. You can fit up to 9 tanks in the forward and aft holds. All the tanks are of a slightly different capacity, but a quick calculation from my old notes show that they average out at about 3300lbs each, if you have aux. tank fuel then your fuel consumption will be approx. 5500lbs/ph so each tank is worth about 35-40mins(But please don't go off flight planning a round the world trip based on my post!).
EMB170 is quite correct, the BBJ1 can lift the fuel but you have very little hold space, the BBJ2's DOW is usually so high that it can't lift as much fuel but at least you have more hold space. As with most things in aviation it's all a compromise!

29th Apr 2008, 17:43
thanks guys.

All the info submitted was very helpful!