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Beast Master
19th Apr 2008, 10:10

I've been asked to ferry a helicopter from Viet Nam to India. The only problem is that I'm a helicopter guy who never flies accross international borders... since this is a VFR helicoper with 3 hours endurance, I'm planning on making a bunch of fuel stops. How do I get permission to cross the ADIZ and land in each country?

I know this might sound stoopid to some of you fixed-wing guys, but this is a rare thing in the helicopter community!


19th Apr 2008, 13:27
Contact these folks for speedy service...

For those that don't know, Universal Weather is actually the old Universal Airlines, one of the original 13 supplemental aircarriers.
They still have their supplemental certificate last I heard.

Dream Land
20th Apr 2008, 18:06
Is it one of the Huey's? I've seen several in Saigon that still look new, Universal will take care of everything for you, have a good trip!

Henry VIII
22nd Apr 2008, 08:47
Universal is a very good choice.
To plann yourself you have to follow entry requirements as per Jeppesen notes and enjoy the bureaucratic path.

It's a big challenge.

Happy landings :ok:

22nd Apr 2008, 08:58
Two others that provide services are Jeppessen and BASEOPS. While Jepp produces only IFR charts, they can will also help you with VFR charts.

Don't forget your camera;)