View Full Version : A-320 Single Engine Taxi

16th Apr 2008, 20:43
Does it really saves fuel??

There is an N1 increase at the other engine and with the APU on...

Is anybody out there who flies for a company which really did a study about that??

Thanks in advance

16th Apr 2008, 21:13

Yes, there are benefits in fuel savings for single engine taxi, Airbus have done a lot of research into fuel economy. May i suggest that their document on fuel economy would be a good read, you can find it here,


Compared with a 12 minute all engine taxi, a 12 minute taxi of which 8 minutes are engine out, the saving for an A320 is around 50kg. Not large numbers for your one flight, but over a year across the fleet, it is a large saving.

Hope this helps,