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14th Apr 2008, 04:26
Hi all,

Recently on a trip from Vietnam to Australia on a 777 there was a very loud knocking sound during the taxi to the runway coming from right under where we were seated, just after of the starboard wing and I was next to the window.

I haven't flown much but this caused me a little unease as I have been in an aircraft accident in the past. The flight went without any issues but I do wonder what the sound was.

I seem to recall something about brakes. I couldn't pinpoint any particular movement that triggered it.

Just wonder if that's normal and would like to know what causes it?



14th Apr 2008, 04:45
if i had to guess, i'd say it's the taxiway centerline lights? these are more pronounced at the front (nose wheel) but can happen to the main gears too, during turns.


14th Apr 2008, 05:00
Maybe something similar to this

14th Apr 2008, 05:45
Maybe it was the same aircraft I was on from HAN-SGN as first part of flight to SYD. It was a Vietnam Airlines 777 and I noticed the banging noise during push back and taxiing... just a little unnerving as you like to think it's meant to sound like that. I was seated on the right hand side over the wing and it was one of the 777 they have that has 2-5-2 seating.

Old Smokey
14th Apr 2008, 09:37
What Tickle and FlyguyXX have experienced on the B777 is completely normal, it's heard on every flight.:ok:

It's the linkage of the main gear steering clunking about during taxy manoeuvres, particularly noticeable during push-bacl.

The only time that you won't hear it is when it's locked out, and the triple bogey becomes rigid, then you hear a lot of rubber screeching on the tight corners instead:ooh:


Old Smokey

14th Apr 2008, 15:48
Some of our 777's get a clunking noise in the nose gear area, Engineering are told but never quite seem to fix it ( spin check the nose wheels, re-torque the what's its, check the whole nose bay area and sometimes even replace the wheels. )

I think it's the oleo reaching full extension, they don't agree. Meantime the noise continues !!

14th Apr 2008, 16:21
Hi all,

Is the "clunking" or "banging" noise heard on A320 / A330 aircraft during taxi caused by the same thing? I had a suspicion it might be caused by the parking brake being applied & removed?



14th Apr 2008, 16:58
Newbie Ramp agent stuck in the hold? Got shut in there as an initiation ritual?? ;)

14th Apr 2008, 19:45
Does the 777 have a PTU like the 320?

is that it?

15th Apr 2008, 08:16
In view of the recent Heathrow accident it might just be the sound of the captain's knees.