View Full Version : JAA approved B777 IRE/TRE.

11th Apr 2008, 14:15
Currently flying B777. However I am looking for a JAA approved examner who can carry out the necessay checks on a 777 so that I can place it on a JAA licence.

If anybody has that info could you please PM me.


Spooky 2
11th Apr 2008, 14:58
Might try Boeing/Alteon in London?

11th Apr 2008, 15:19
As you will be looking for a JAR licence, you'll need to fly a Skill Test. Allow three hours sim time (the British CAA likes to see three hours min).

The British CAA also likes to see you; the test will be witnessed by a CAA examiner (in addition to the examiner who is conducting the test).


11th Apr 2008, 17:48
There are a lot of IRE/TRE working for Austrian Airlines. You can find their names and tel.nr. on the Austro Control webpage. www.austrocontrol.at (http://www.austrocontrol.at)

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