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11th Apr 2008, 11:26
For comparison purposes, I am looking for ATR42-300 and 42-500 Blockspeeds and fuelconsumptions on various distances (300, 400, 500 and 600 NM). This to find out cruise perfo differences between the -300 and -500 on longer sectors.
another question off-topic: it seems that ATR42-300's and -500's have a so-called cross-crew qualification. Does this mean that pilots can fly both types (apart from differences training) when an airline has a mixed fleet?

12th Apr 2008, 12:43
Not sure about the -500 series (which I don't get to fly), but working from memory: this week on an ATR42-300F on CDG-WAW, my PLOGs were showing about 1,600 kg trip fuel, 2,400 block fuel (round figures) for a 700nm trip planned at FL180/190 (although we negotiated FL200/210 with ATC). Flight times were about 3h35 westbound (strongish 45-50 kt headwinds all the way no matter which level) and 3h00 eastbound (for the same reason).

At FL200-210 in ISA conditions the fuel burn was around 240 kg/eng/hour. Taking into account the weather etc. we typically rounded up the standard fuel to 2,600-2,800 kg depending on expected payload.

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12th Apr 2008, 16:35
Typical TAS for the 42-500 is about 300 kt and fuel burn btween 300 - 350 kg/h/eng, dependinf on level and ISA. Actually the 42-500 burns more than the 72-200 :}

12th Apr 2008, 20:51

Mixed fleet operation is quite common. Difference Training can be as little as classroom only up to classroom plus 1 hour in the simulator. Sim training is typically for non PEC to PEC aircraft.

13th Apr 2008, 10:22
thanks guys! this helps!

13th Apr 2008, 11:11
In JAA-land, the requirements for differences training differ from one National Aviation Authority to another. In my experience, the ATR42-300 to 72-200 differences course consisted of 25 pages of theory (diagrams etc), a 3-hour ground school (done in half the time) and one 4-hr sim session (again, more than necessary). The whole idea behind the two marks (and two sizes) of aircraft is to keep differences to a minimum.

Fuel planning-wise, a ballpark fuel burn figure of about 550 kg/hr for cruise is about right for an ATR42-300 in ISA at FL180/190. My outfit uses 50 kg as standard taxi fuel (except at CDG where it's 170 kg). Typical TAS is 270-280 kts.

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