View Full Version : Flight Crews fingerprinted for Salt Lake City Olympics

15th Jan 2002, 20:12
All flight crews operating non-scheduled flights to Salt Lake City or vicinity during the Olympics are to be fingerprinted 2 weeks in advance. What was unclear to me was if this rule icludes US Citizens and permanent residents. I know for a fact that " Aliens " are included.

I find this to be utter rubbish and just another "hey we are getting things under wraps" show to the American public. Wonder how they will verify validity of fingerprints or are you supposed to go to the nearest US embassy for a session. Guess are they going to throw these prints away after the games.

16th Jan 2002, 06:00
Yes, US citizens and permanent residents are included....and later will go into the FBI database.

16th Jan 2002, 22:43
This is what it looks like itīs going to be to those who insist on flying to Salt Lake during the Olympics

Salt Lake safety command has proposed to allow some general aviation and charter operations inside the 45 nm no-fly (flight restriction zone) zone during the games.

There is an extensive permit application process that needs to be completed 2 weeks prior to commencing flight.

All applicants must sign a letter of consent, authorizing unspecified state and federal agencies unlimited access to:

- driving records
- professional history and qualifications
- educational background
- military records
- financial records and credit history
- employment records.

Applicants must also provide Federal agencies with fingerprints, color passport photos and apparently a separate authorization for a criminal background check.

There is a 15 USD processing and application fee. Obviously this does not guarantee approval.

Those approved to fly into the flight restriction zone, will first be required to land at one of the following 4 airports:

- Colorado Springs, Colorado
- Grand Junction, Colorado
- Las Vegas, Nevada
- Boise, Idaho

These airport are designates as outer perimeter for more stringent security measure in place at Salt Lake. Away from games these locations provide for isolation of possible problems without compromising security in Salt Lake.

Pilots, passengers and cargo will have to undergo a physical inspection that will last "A while". Guess this is going to be done by real pros and not by 3rd rate screener bozos flown in from some big airport. Cavity search not excluded.

According to the Safety Command Aircraft destined to Salt Lake will then depart screening airports using a special transponder codes.
No stops are allowed after departing screening airport.
Aircraft departing the Olympic area will be subjected to a predeparture security check similar to checks performed at the screening airports.

16th Jan 2002, 22:58
I have also been told that all the cabin doors, baggage doors and emergency exits will be have piece of tap placed on them and if the tape is broken when you land, well who knows.

It won’t be pretty.