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15th Feb 2002, 16:59
SN Brussels-Airlines is the new name of the former Delta Air Transport from Belgium. Website is up and running <a href="http://www.brussels-airlines.com/home.htm" target="_blank"> see it here </a> .. .Only European destinations mentioned so far.

Belgian Beauty
15th Feb 2002, 17:01
Good Luck to all of SN Brussels Airlines,Hopefully you will prosper!! :)

15th Feb 2002, 17:06
They maybe SN Brussels Airlines, but they're using the DAT website for bookings.

<a href="http://www.dat-airlines.com" target="_blank">www.dat-airlines.com</a>

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15th Feb 2002, 17:13

This may be a stupid question, however does anyone know if BMI have wet leased an A330 to DAT, just being nosy and tring to access the prospects for of Midland re-hiring the redundant pilots.

15th Feb 2002, 17:18
See the thread in the Questions forum about DAT wetleasing a bmi A330.

15th Feb 2002, 17:59
"SN Brussels-Airlines" There's another catchy name, so easy to remember!

Good luck to them.

16th Feb 2002, 02:54
Hey mister "merlotty", do you know that on 1200 airline pilots in Belgium 800 are jobless and +/- 240 are A330 qualified on this juicy french speaking african sector. Do you remember SABENA ? Anyway, we, as Belgians, don't decide anymore. And unfair competition is on (thanks to EC). But you are not responsible neither about the situation. But you may be sure that if BMI operates the SN ... and so on... flights to Africa there will be some welcome "commitees". Try to think about reversing the situation. Anyway good luck.

16th Feb 2002, 10:07
gee kanik that sounds like a threat <img src="confused.gif" border="0"> grow up and then join the rest of us in the now and present reality..swim or sink...no moree government sugar-daddies

16th Feb 2002, 10:50
Well, guys, "governement sugardaddies" still do exist in Belgium, I could tell you a lot about it, being a non sabena pilot like I am! Anyway, "SN brussels airlines", such a bull shitty name only not to send machines back to the paint shop to take to logo out, sounds quite conservative, huh? The problemn is that the bad old Sabena habits might remain as well. If only VEX could remain out of that...

16th Feb 2002, 16:38
Dear ironbut57 , an independant consultant analyse SN before bankruptcy and found out that without the purchase of the 34 A32F for the MH fleet, the cy would have made profit those last 5 years without govt candies. At SN we as cockpit members we knew how to swim. Management didn't.

16th Feb 2002, 16:51
Hey mister 2low2fast. Open your eyes. Or mayde are you too young. Vex is "in" since 5 years whenh the SN production arrive as a OČ balloon(FCO, LHR, BCN). Thanks to the SN pilots forced (with the knife on the throat) to accept it. Alas, the real businessmen were on your side and the contracts were so juicy for you that the candy in VEX was coming from SN. And now it's coming from DAT- or whatevertheycallit. Don't think that you were in the cy that has "the" solution. Anyway as pilot, do we have controls of the ship ? These are just bartalks.

16th Feb 2002, 23:56

The problem with Belgium Aircrew is and always has been that they are the worst civilservants I have ever come across. Rather than have 'welcome' commitees they should be thinking about any other group of pilots stupid enough to start a strike in a recession when their airline is almost bankrupt because they(!!!!!) did not agree with the business plan. A bit the same as when a manager from accounting calling a captain and giving him instructions on how to fly. The only consequence of the most stupid industrial action in aviation history is that they sent the last few higher yielding passengers to all the other airlines around. Sabena desirved to go bust.

Now there are people willing to invest in a new airline, those people are heroes in the current market conditions. They have the full right to hire another airline it's aircraft it is their money. They have on the other hand no obligation what so ever to hire the most industrial action prone staff in the world. People like you will strike in the first week of joining about the logo, the second about the union representation, third week about whether you should speak Vlaams or Waals, etc.

Get a life, get some work and learn to work for a living like the rest of us.