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3rd Apr 2008, 22:26
Hi every body, Ive got a question here that might be a bit daft... but has given me a bit of a headech today trying to find the answer...

When you look at the ECAM Flt Ctrl page on the airbus (any), on the Aileron position indication, there is an index with two neutrals and two ends. At both ends (upper and lower) there is this tinny square. Does anyone know what is that little square for?? Ive been asked about it by a mate today and really i dont have a clue... Tried to look for it on the FCOM 1 and couldnt find the answer...

Well, hope some of the old bus pilots or mechs can take me out of my ignorance in this one...



3rd Apr 2008, 22:32
On my bus it's called "aileron droop".

3rd Apr 2008, 22:35
FCOM 1.27.40.


3rd Apr 2008, 23:12
Am i wrong or the aileron drop is a 5 drop when the flaps/slats are extended and is indicated by the lower neutral on the index. what I ment is the 2 small squares at the top and bottom of the index... I checked 1.27.40 and its not specified there.... Tanks a lot for your replies guys!

4th Apr 2008, 04:46

The droop is represented by a little circle on the aileron line and only appears when you have flap selected.

I have also wondered exactly what the squares at the end of the travel is for.....it is on the rudder too.

fantom is right, it is in 1.27.40 on page 10. The 2 lines represents aileron travel between 13 and 17 degrees. I assume the 13 degrees is the minimum acceptable travel. The ailerons may be biased in one direction for trim reasons, or whatever.

I would also be interested to hear if anyone can tell us the facts.......

Plastic Bug
4th Apr 2008, 04:59

Look at the FCOM again. You have answered your own question. You know the facts. They are right there.


4th Apr 2008, 11:43
Been off the 'bus for a wee while now, but from memory, when you apply full deflection, the control surface must go into that box. i.e. the box indicates the allowable tolerance at the limit of travel. If the surface doesn't get into the box, then you aren't getting full deflection.