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3rd Apr 2008, 07:20
I thought a boomerangs leading edge was crucial to its performance, but after the space experiment, realise now it is sharp edge is to improve its kill rate.

So why does the boomerang come back?

"Earlier this month, a Japanese astronaut threw a boomerang in space and confirmed it flies back much like on Earth.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Astronaut confirmed that Takao Doi "threw a boomerang and saw it come back" during his free time on March 18 on board the International Space Station.

Doi threw the boomerang after a request from compatriot Yasuhiro Togai, a world boomerang champion."


3rd Apr 2008, 07:45
How many people starving on earth? How many without clean drinking water?
Our environment is going which way?

How many billions are squandered on fun-arsing about in space?


Agaricus bisporus
3rd Apr 2008, 11:01
When did he throw this boomerang?

Tuesday morning by any chance?


Boomerangs are aerodynamic devices and act as bricks, feathers, satellites or meteorites do in space. They most certainly won't "come back"

'cept on April 1st of course...

Mr Buzzy - on second thought, I can't be bothered.

3rd Apr 2008, 12:09
The boomerang was thrown inside the space station, not in the vacuum of space

Bad to the bones
3rd Apr 2008, 12:13
Ja ja ja You should have started there

3rd Apr 2008, 12:54
He threw it inside the space station not outside on the Japanese National Day of Jollity, March 25th to show the irrelevance of gravity and to win a bet and make fools of people. Funny things happen on March 25th. Like the Origami Bank folding and the Bonsai Bank cutting back its branches.

3rd Apr 2008, 13:17
Are you serious? Do you know how much training and research goes into this "fun"?

Aren't astronauts and cosmonauts allowed a little time to relax?

3rd Apr 2008, 16:46
Its true, looks like it was thrown inside the station.



They are also dispatching paper airplanes to monitor their re-entry characteristics....


Agaricus bisporus
3rd Apr 2008, 19:31

Must have been a tiny boomerang though, or the ISS is a whole lot bigger than I thought. My quite small boomerang needs a space larger than an indoor tennis court, so hard to imagine one working inside a single decker bus...