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The late XV105
2nd Apr 2008, 22:08
When my wife goes for a GA flight from EGBW with a friend next month, can she legally or sensibly take one of our PMR446 radios with her to warn me when they join the circuit? I don't have a scanner or access to one so this is a potentially free and easy solution.


The late XV105
4th Apr 2008, 12:35
Thanks for all the views, but I will explain what PMR446 is incase it is the reason for no replies;

From Wikipedia:

PMR446 (Personal Mobile Radio, 446 MHz) is a radio frequency part of the UHF range that is open without licensing for personal usage in most countries of the European Union. It has roughly the same use as FRS or GMRS in the United States and Canada. Depending on surrounding terrain range can vary from a few hundred meters (in a city) to a few kilometers (flat countryside). PMR446 is primarily used in consumer-grade walkie-talkies similar to those used for FRS/GMRS in the United States and Canada.

PMR446 usage is not generally legal in the United States; however, the standard allocation is within the range of the 420-450mHz band allocated to US amateur radio operators and in practice could be used under FCC amateur regulations. The conflicting allocations have been something of a nuisance to US amateur operators due to use of the gear by European tourists in the US.

Many thanks

4th Apr 2008, 14:10
They may be perfectly legal for use on the ground by unlicensed persons but you will not be permitted to use them in flight. They'll be treated no differently to mobile phones, laptops and the like.

Your wife could always send you a text or phone you just before boarding. Works for all of our passengers.

4th Apr 2008, 16:11
When you say a "GA flight" do you mean a pleasure flight in a little piston-engined 2 seater? If so, the pilot may not mind if he's asked beforehand but you and your wife will struggle to hear anything over the noise of the engine. Ask the chaps in the Private Flying forum for advice.

The late XV105
5th Apr 2008, 00:38
Thanks, bfato.

Indeed I do mean a pleasure flight in a little piston engined two-seater.
A Cessna 152 to be precise.

Yes, the cockpit is quite noisy but I have a noise cancelling headset that my wife can briefly swap from the one she will otherwise wear in the aircraft. She can also squawk me (no speech) in such a way that I will know it is her, not anyone else on the same frequency. It's just the legalities I was concerned about, and from your reply I don't need to worry other than the courtesy of a quick chat with the pilot beforehand.