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Sue Ridgepipe
1st Apr 2008, 07:55
Question for all you 737-800 drivers out there:
Are there any limitations on when you can/can't have the crossfeed valve open?

I've seen on at least one website where it lists under limitations that "fuel crossfeed valve must be closed for take-off and landing", but I can't find it written anywhere in the manuals.

So is it an old limitation that has since been revoked, or does it still apply? (and if so, could someone please give me a reference).

1st Apr 2008, 08:53
It must be closed before takeoff and landing according:
Limitations section FCOM I.

Mac 74.

Sue Ridgepipe
1st Apr 2008, 09:20
Okay, thanks for the reply Mac 74.
I can only assume it must be specific to certain serial numbers because I've searched everywhere (including FCOM 1 limitations) and can't find it anywhere in my books. Thanks anyway.

1st Apr 2008, 10:01
Hi Sue,

You do have to be careful about using information from websites or non-company or Boeing manuals because they are not always either kept up to date or accurate in the first place - even the best of them;)

This is one such example, the limitation was removed from the FCOMs in 2006. My guess would be because it contrdicts the LOW fuel QRH drill.


Sue Ridgepipe
1st Apr 2008, 12:39
Thanks CaptainS, that's exactly the info I was after.:ok:

Flight Detent
3rd Apr 2008, 02:57
The most appropriate place to check is the airplane AFM.

Having said that, our -700IGWs also have that restriction.

There is also a statement which allows Xfeed open in low fuel conditions.


3rd Apr 2008, 07:55

In theory you are correct but... most pilots do not have access to the AFM and may never have even seen it. The FCOMs are effectively the pilots working copies of the AFM. This is just as well because the AFM usually lags a long way behind the FCOM revisions.


Flight Detent
4th Apr 2008, 03:31
Strange....I've always known the AFM to be a required part of the airplane library.
The FCOMs can be more restrictive than the AFM, but not less so!