View Full Version : TCAS I procedures

31st Mar 2008, 13:37
I was asked for help with implementing TCAS I procedures into an ops manual. Can anyone provide an exmple of those? TCAS II procedures are rather straightforward (just follow the RA when it occurs), but I think TCAS I are rather vague.

- how a TCAS I TA should be dealt with?
- should one take any evasive action based on the TCAS I?
- If so, then what to do in VMC and what in IMC?



31st Mar 2008, 20:08
Pilots are specifically not authorized to deviate from an ATC clearance in response to a TCAS I TA without 1st making a visual confirmation of any conflicting traffic ie. by looking outside. Obviously you can't do that in IMC so you should be asking ATC for a vector or a level off until clear of traffic if you are climbing or descending.