View Full Version : New 'regional jet' airline

Island Air
14th Feb 2002, 23:22
Heard from a usually reliable source that there is a new UK airline starting up in the spring flying regional jets. Will it be 145's or 328's or even CRJ's? Any further info..?

14th Feb 2002, 23:54
Dont suppose your good source mentioned where they are setting up from/to?


Its dificult to soar with eagles when you work with turkeys!

Island Air
15th Feb 2002, 17:56
LBA nope, and it looks like it is wishful thinking on his behalf, unless anyone knows better...?

16th Feb 2002, 17:55
what about british north west airlines ?

Obi Wan Kirk
16th Feb 2002, 18:09
I had talks a few months ago with a guy who had an Indian investor who had intentions of setting up an airline in Birmingham with Do 328 Jets. They were talking about flying on the Swedish register. It all sounded a bit like the NJI set-up in Italy...that didn`t last very long.