View Full Version : DC10s for ACL.

rockon tommy
14th Feb 2002, 18:51
Who can confirm! Just been tipped that ACL a Irish cargo contracting company might be . .operating up to 4 DC10s for EAT/DHl of Brussels.Its on the BRU Mid East route. Story is that B757 are blocking out and when A300 used they have to stop at Athens for refuel. EAT/DHL are looking at 4 DC10s.Could use up surplus ACL A300 crews!

neil armstrong
14th Feb 2002, 21:05
In our dreams.. .I Wonder who started this rumour??. .I think we have more chance of getting the Electra back!!


15th Feb 2002, 16:48
Rockon, . .Somebody has a vivid imagination, I'm afraid. Apart from anything else, the DC10 will not be allowed in BRU at night after the end of 2002.

18th Feb 2002, 00:49
Rockon, where do you get this stuff?

There is more chance of the Merchantmen coming back! There is still a transition process going on, and much as all would like to know what is going on, the plain fact is that the final disbursement of all the aircraft in the DHL system has not yet been agreed.. .While it is sometimes humourous to start rumours and suppositions we all should bear in mind that ther are still a lot of jobs in the pot and many crews who are unsure of their future. If anyone has any hard facts then let us all hear them otherwise lets wait and see what happens.